Kitotex® by Candiani Denim allows water and energy consumption reduction

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Kitotex® is a sizing technology patented by Candiani Denim that allows a drastic chemical, water, and energy consumption reduction in the fabric production process. Kitotex® is based on chitosan, a natural polymer obtained from mushrooms. We use this ingredient in our dyeing and finishing departments.

What is the impact of denim pollution?

According to the United Nations, denim pollution is huge. The production of a single pair of jeans requires, according to a 2015 assessment made by Levi’s, about 3,000 liters of water, from growing raw materials to finishing the product. To give denim its blue color, the yarn or fabric is typically dunked many times into vast vats of synthetic indigo dye. Then it is treated with more chemicals to make it softer and more textured.

The water polluted by toxic and heavy materials employed in the dyeing process is usually dumped into nearby rivers and lakes. According to the European Parliament, the dyeing and finishing operations in the textile industry are responsible for about 20% of global water pollution. The World Bank has identified 72 harmful chemicals and solvents commonly used to dye our clothes.

Kitotex® is the Candiani Denim patent reducing the environmental impact of the fabric dyeing process

Kitotex® drastically reduces the environmental impact of the fabric dyeing and finishing process by using 50% less water and 30% less energy than most traditional technologies. It also entirely replaces synthetic, petroleum-based PVA (polyvinyl alcohol). Kitotex® is now a Candiani Denim patent.

PVA is a water-soluble plastic that finds its application in a wide range of daily consumer goods, as well as in textiles.

Kitotex® is based on chitosan

Kitotex® is derived from chitosan, a natural polymer obtained from mushrooms that is 100% bio-based and biodegradable. After the production process, this substance can even help purify the discharged water.

Fabrics treated with Kitotex® provide different benefits for consumers’ health: they are antibacterial, antistatic, and anti-mite and have some important properties to improve hygiene and prevent allergic reactions to dust.

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