Biliardo Sample, FKgroup’s cutting machine custom-made for Candiani Custom

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FKgroup is one of the world leaders in developing and producing spreading and cutting machines. Flavio Cattini founded it in 1961. Today, the company combines the craftsmanship of its origins with the experience acquired in projecting. When FKgroup met Candiani Custom, a new cutting machine was born: Biliardo Sample.

What is Candiani Custom, producing custom jeans in the heart of Milan

Candiani Custom represents a hub of the excellence of Italian manufacturing to create custom jeans in the historic center of Milan. Garments are made only on demand to eliminate waste and unsold products and are fully recyclable and compostable, so they have no negative environmental impacts at the end of life.

Everything happening in our micro-factory can be seen through its windows, resulting in a production process that is completely transparent. Moreover, the experience has the aim to increase the awareness of consumers and brands about the importance of choosing more responsible production and consumption models.

FKgroup pays attention to environmental protection and energy savings

Biliardo Sample, the cutting machine Candiani Custom uses, was custom-made by FKgroup for our project. FKgroup is headquartered in Dalmine, close to Bergamo. Personalization and sustainability are two of the company’s strengths, which can efficiently respond to the requirements of each client, providing them with customized solutions focusing on environmental protection and energy savings.

“When Candiani Denim told us about this revolutionary concept shop, we were delighted. We had the opportunity to build a machine founded on the values of sustainability, which are both fundamental and inspiring to us. It is a fantastic project that has achieved all its objectives. And it was important for me to be part of it”, said Sergio Gori, Managing Director of FKgroup, who defined that with Candiani Denim as “a meeting between companies that have the same vision of production and industrial policy”.

Biliardo Sample is the cutting machine made by FKgroup for Candiani Custom

Biliardo Sample is a light and quiet cutting machine designed to prove that making clothes in a new, more sustainable, and circular way is possible. It was exclusively conceived by FKgroup for our Candiani Custom micro-factory producing custom jeans.

Flexibility is the most important feature of Biliardo Sample, which can be adapted to the small spaces characteristic of urban centers and dismantled and reassembled easily. Although it is reduced in size, Biliardo Sample brings together all the cutting-edge technologies of FKgroup’s industrial machinery.

Biliardo Sample has low consumption, reduces CO2 emissions, and eliminates waste. Its software allows us to cut fabric automatically by inserting measurements in it and without printing paper patterns. Its average energy consumption is 5.5 kW/h, 12 less than a traditional non-FKgroup cutting machine. On average, 500 gr CO2 is issued for each Kw.

Biliardo Sample got the Green Label, which certifies if machinery is sustainable. This label is issued by ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machinery for the Textile Industry, and RINA, an international certification body focusing on energy transition, sustainability, and digitalization.

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