Candiani Denim’s quality and sustainability explained by hangtags

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At Candiani Denim, we value transparency. Therefore, we designed some specific tools to share the quality and sustainability of our fabrics and specify if a garment has been made with them. Why choose these jeans? and COREVA™ are two hangtags consumers can find in stores to verify if Candiani Denim is an ingredient brand for the product they want to buy.

We value transparency in the fashion industry

We believe that transparency should be one central value in the fashion industry. This is why we communicate the quality and sustainability of our products to both brands and consumers. If you find one of our tags hanging from your belt loops, you can be sure the garment you are wearing has been made with our fabrics, which respect our quality and sustainability standards.

Why choose these (sustainable) jeans?

Why choose these jeans? is our hangtag inspired by our four sustainability pillars, and has been designed to help consumers select their sustainable jeans. The tag explains that our denim fabric has been crafted by four generations of families, working together since 1938, in a nature reserve between Milan and the Alps with the finest responsibly sourced cotton, fibers, and dyes while using clean technologies to save water and energy and replace harmful chemicals. Our community, area, ingredients, and innovative spirit are the foundations on which we have built.

Why choose Candiani Denim’s COREVA™ stretch technology?

The hangtag COREVA™ has been planned to underline the uniqueness and value of Candiani Denim’s plant-based biodegradable and compostable stretch denim, offering additional information on our patented technology through a QR code backside. COREVA™ fabrics are produced with stretch yarns earned from natural rubber and organic cotton and can be used as fertilizers to grow raw materials once they are dismissed. They do not release toxic chemicals, plastics, or microplastics into the environment since they do not contain the synthetic materials traditionally used in stretch denim.

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