Sustainable denim among the protagonists of the Milano Design Week

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In 2019, we inaugurated our exhibiting space in piazza Mentana, 3, Milan, and we decided to do that during the Milano Design Week by collaborating with two extraordinary partners: DONDUP and Busnelli. Together, we reinterpreted two famous Busnelli armchairs, Armadillo and Fiocco, and covered them with 100% Made in Italy sustainable denim.

The collaboration among Candiani Denim, DONDUP, and Busnelli is based on innovation and sustainability

Candiani Denim, DONDUP, and Busnelli have based their success on some shared values, such as innovation and sustainability. We are three Italian companies that have succeeded worldwide in the manufacturing, fashion, and design industries thanks to the innovative aesthetics of their products, ongoing technical research, and attention to sustainable topics.

DONDUP is a leading brand in the premium denim sector. DONDUP launched its D/zero project in partnership with Candiani Denim to begin a 100% Made in Italy sustainable journey. The project focuses on traceable and certified washes and finishing processes and a series of exclusive fabric treatments to reduce the consumption of water, energy, and chemicals in its garments’ production.

Busnelli is a furniture design brand combining tradition and innovation, craftsmanship, and industrialization. Some of its items have made the world’s design history and are exhibited in the most important museums. Two examples are the chairs designed by Gianni Pareschi, Armadillo and Fiocco. The last one earned its place in the permanent collection at MoMA in New York.

Busnelli’s armchairs Armadillo and Fiocco are reinterpreted using DONDUP’s D/zero denim

During the Milano Design Week 2019, we created a set-up dedicated to innovation and sustainability, displaying in the window Busnelli’s most famous pieces: Armadillo, Baffo, Fiocco, and Libro. In our exhibiting space, we showcased our reinterpretation of the armchairs Armadillo and Fiocco, that on that occasion, were covered with a more contemporary material, i.e., the D/zero denim we produced for DONDUP’s project.

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