The Swiss Jeans Freak collection is a lifelong dream come true!

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Nobody is as passionate about denim as our friend Ruedi Karrer, the Swiss Jeans Freak! He lives in Zurich and founded the world‘s first independent jeans museum. On Ruedi’s 60th birthday, we partnered to make his lifelong dream come true by creating a limited edition of jeans designed by him. 

Who is Ruedi Karrer, who founded the first independent jeans museum?

Ruedi Karrer’s passion for jeans was born when he was 14 and received his first pair of Levi’s. He became fascinated with denim and started collecting jeans and other denim garments. In 2001 he already owned 3,000 or 4,000 pieces! He had to find a place other than his apartment to hold them and realized that there was no brand-independent jeans museum in the world. So, he decided to share his knowledge of denim evolution with people by creating his own museum. The Jeans Museum in Zurich now has over 14,000 denim items!

Ruedi is particularly interested in raw denim and its fading, which differs depending on the person who wears it, reflecting a part of their life like no other fabric. He is also into sustainability and wants to make people aware of the impact their clothing has on the environment.

Candiani Denim engineered Ruedi Karrer’s jeans collection

The year 2019, when Ruedi Karrer turned 60, was the right time to realize one of his dreams: producing a jeans collection designed by him. He thought that Candiani Denim was the best partner to do that. He stayed a couple of days in our mill and chose the fabric he wanted for his jeans, which we specifically created and named after him. We also named the color, which has a particular green cast, Ruedi.

The Swiss Jeans Freak limited edition collection was composed of 60 pieces. It was designed by Ruedi, engineered by Candiani Denim, and entirely manufactured in Italy by IMJIT. The revenues were given to Ruedi’s Jeans Museum.

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