Transformers Foundation promotes a positive change in the denim industry

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Transformers Foundation was created at the beginning of 2020 to give the denim industry a single voice and represent its vision for a positive change. Alberto Candiani, president of Candiani Denim, one of the leading and most sustainability-focused denim mills worldwide, is among its founders.

What is Transformer Foundation, supporting the equitable future of the denim industry?

Transformers Foundation aims to provide a single platform to the denim and jeans supply chain and a focal point of contact for all the stakeholders (consumers, brands, NGOs, and media) desiring to know more about ethics and sustainability in the sector.

Transformers Foundation represents the entire denim supply chain (from farmers and chemical suppliers to denim mills and jeans producers). It focuses on four activities: educating, communicating, reporting, and celebrating. The denim and jeans industry has been working and investing in sustainable solutions for years and, as a unified community, wants to encourage sustainable performances by:

    • openly sharing the best practices

    • promoting, giving visibility to, and supporting sustainable progress

    • threatening unclear or non-solid marketing strategies or claims

    • transparently celebrating best-in-class and innovative practices

Transformers Foundation has defined eight ethical principles for jeans and denim purchasing, which should be followed by brands, retailers, importers (BRIs), and suppliers:

    • honesty and transparency, to never deceive or mislead suppliers in business dealings

    • empathy, to treat suppliers as they wish, with care and kindness

    • promise-keeping and trustworthiness, to behave in a trustworthy manner

    • loyalty, to build a fidelity relationship with suppliers

    • fairness, to be equitable in all dealings

    • reputation and morale, to protect the company’s good reputation and its employees’ morale

    • accountability, to admit and adjust any incorrect behavior or position

    • respect, to understand and value suppliers’ efforts   

Its first aim is to identify the problems in the relationships between BRIs and suppliers and put forth realistic and effective actions to foster a long-term change and a more equitable future.

Transformers Foundation created a cotton report to share credible data

Transformers Foundation focused on cotton to develop its belief that fashion has a severe and increasing misinformation problem. Data is often shared without context, as well as outdated or inaccurate. Transformers Foundation thinks that this is the main reason preventing a positive change.

Companies and the entire society should access the correct data and context on fashion’s environmental, social, and economic impact. They are crucial for companies to develop and implement best practices and make informed choices. Moreover, suppliers are incentivized and rewarded for using responsible practices driving a positive impact.

Through its cotton report, Transformers Foundation is sharing credible information about the fashion industry, specifically cotton, and training readers to use it properly. Moreover, it encourages industry stakeholders to send correct data and information and make them transparent and publicly available. Finally, Transformers Foundation seeks guidance and feedback from technical experts and supports investments to fill data gaps.

Alberto Candiani is a founder of Transformers Foundation

Alberto Candiani joined Transformers Foundation as a founder to promote a positive change in an industry that has caused massive pollution and disrespected human rights for a long time.

Candiani Denim is currently focusing on circularity through regenerative products. They are created with smart ingredients and processes to reduce their environmental impact.

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