A Made in Italy network for Candiani Custom’s jeans

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Candiani Custom is the first urban micro-factory producing custom-made and on-demand jeans to support more sustainable and responsible consumption. Creating Candiani Custom was possible thanks to ten excellent partners providing us with the necessary Made in Italy technologies and accessories to turn our fabrics into extraordinary garments.

Ten renowned partners and a short supply chain

Our partners are all Italian companies located within 238 km from our micro-factory, making our supply chain as short as possible. They are renowned for their products’ quality and focus on sustainable innovation: Manifattura Italiana Cucirini, Tonello, Nearchimica, FKgroup, Cervotessile, Riri Group, Okinawa Operations, Rotondi Group, Cadica Group, and SIP Italy Sewing.

Manifattura Italiana Cucirini

Manifattura Italiana Cucirini (MIC) produces industrial sewing thread and has joined Candiani Custom project since we share three important values: quality, service, and sustainability. For the occasion, MIC developed MegaFlex, a TENCEL lyocell yarn that is 100% biodegradable.


Tonello has specialized in designing and producing responsible technologies for denim garment finishing. They decided to be part of Candiani Custom because they believe the project represents the future of jeans, which should be ethically, transparently, and locally produced and made to measure. For Candiani Custom, Tonello created a new laser and an all-in-one washing machine.


Nearchimica has specialized in denim garment finishing with an eco-sustainable focus and joined Candiani Custom to participate in an innovative experiment about how jeans are meant. Nearchimica collaborated with us in developing specific chemicals for the garment finishing, making its low environmental impact fit our micro-factory.


FKgroup produces automatic cutting systems and has always massively invested in reducing CO2 emissions. Candiani Denim asked FKgroup for personalized machinery for Candiani Custom that the company specifically designed and that could be named “Candiani”.


Cervotessile creates lining fabrics for clothing, such as those made for Candiani Custom’s jeans pockets. Like Candiani Denim, Cervotessile is in the Parco del Ticino nature reserve and must comply with its strict environmental regulations. The lining of our pockets is then Made in Italy and produced in proximity.

Riri Group

Riri Group designs and produces metal trims for the garment and footwear industry and leather goods. We are both committed to creating high-quality products and focusing on sustainable manufacturing processes. Riri Group supplies Candiani Custom with all metal trims, buttons, and rivets.

Okinawa Operations

Okinawa Operations manufactures labels and other leather, microfiber, and cellulose accessories. We collaborated with Okinawa Operations to develop Candiani Custom’s leather patches, based on the latest tanning technologies, a metal-free product certified OEKO-TEX® class 1, building Made in Italy synergies that mean excellence.

Rotondi Group

Rotondi Group produces pressing equipment and supplied us with machinery needed to confer a 3D shape and a soul to our garments. Rotondi Group participated in Candiani Custom since it is a unique project in the world.

Cadica Group

Cadica Group makes labels, trims, and accessories for the fashion industry. The company has always cared about sustainability and developed with Candiani Denim a label made with recycled materials from PET bottles to be used for Candiani Custom. It is a must for Cadica Group to work with industry leaders, and they are proud of being part of our highly innovative project.

SIP Italy Sewing

SIP Italy Sewing has specialized in the automation of the jeans manufacturing process. SIP Italy Sewing participated in Candiani Custom to eliminate overproduction, adapting its industrial operations to custom products made on order. 

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