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The most significant innovation in Candiani's history occurred in 2020, when the COREVA™ stretch technology was invented and patented.

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A pioneering solution for circular fashion

After five years of research and development, we found a solution that allows us to replace synthetic stretch yarns with a 100% natural, biodegradable and compostable yarn. Boasting the same aesthetic appearance, stretch performance and durability, this fabric has radically changed the way that jeans affect the environment, turning their negative impact into a positive one: in other words, we succeeded in creating a fashion product that not only can become a fertiliser but is also the first pair of jeans that truly embodies the concept of circularity in the fashion industry.

The first fully natural and compostable stretch denim

COREVA™ ows its stretch performance to a natural rubber yarn that replaces synthetic petroleum-based yarns. Conventional stretch yarns can take hundreds of years to decompose and contribute to microplastic pollution. Thanks to the elimination of all synthetic components and a smart vulcanization process, COREVA™ is the first compostable stretch denim in the world that is completely free from plastics and microplastics.


Fabric look

It is our intention to make COREVA™ become the only technology for our stretch denims.
Therefore we have developed a wide range of fabrics with different aesthetics and performances in order to satisfy most of the fashion industry’s needs. Starting with authentic vintage denims, with a marked ring effect and a strong salt and pepper aesthetic, up to fabrics with a refined, sophisticated look for the everyday jean.

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