Made in Italy, innovation, sustainability: Candiani Denim’s core values

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Made in Italy, innovation, and sustainability are Candiani Denim’s core values. Their combination, one-of-a-kind worldwide, made us one of the most recognized textile mills and the most prominent global denim manufacturers. These three elements have driven our daily operations for four generations.

Candiani Denim, quality history for four generations

Candiani Denim’s history began in Robecchetto con Induno, a tiny town close to Milan, Italy, in 1938. In more than 80 years, we have become one of the most well-known global denim producers, thanks to our products’ quality, due to the unique combination of Made in Italy, innovation, and sustainability.

There is no mill like Candiani Denim in the denim world since no one has a history like ours. The area and its community have shaped us, and we have been pioneers of the most significant industry revolutions and progressive in the sustainability field.

Made in Italy at Candiani Denim

Candiani Denim has always produced in Robecchetto con Induno, making Made in Italy one of our distinctive features.

The mill’s geographic position and the people who work in it made us what we are today. The textile heritage of our area and the know-how of our employees, who every day commit to creating high-quality products, have enabled us to build something that has no precedent in the denim world.

The textile legacy of Candiani Denim’s area has very ancient origins and, in our over 80-year history, has represented the foundation on which we have built our knowledge.

Innovation at Candiani Denim

Innovation at Candiani Denim means constantly hunting for new solutions to enhance our denim fabrics. As Made in Italy mill looking for excellence, we want to go beyond our boundaries and evolve continuously, mixing creativity and experience with the most recent technologies.

We aim to be one step ahead in the fashion world, improving our products’ aesthetics. Therefore, innovation involves our entire production process, from spinning to dyeing, from weaving to finishing.

From our very beginning as workwear fabric producers, Candiani Denim has always been able to foresee and pioneer the most revolutionary industry transformations, from the opportunities offered by the 60s growing denim market to the stretch fabrics spread in the 80s and the new sustainability challenges.

Sustainability at Candiani Denim

At Candiani Denim, innovation equals sustainability. Developing sustainable technologies is not necessary only to provide a more prosperous future and a better quality of life for the next generations. Still, it is also crucial for a company to be competitive in the long term.

At Candiani Denim, we always engineer and patent new technologies to increase the sustainability level of our products without affecting their performances. Often, they have later become an industry standard.

Candiani Denim is in Parco del Ticino, Italy's first regional natural park. Since 1974, the park has aimed to defend the river and nature from urbanization and industrialization. Sustainability is hence not a new trend to us. For almost 50 years, we have committed to preserving the environment, following the strictest regulations, and complying with additional voluntary standards.

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