Candiani Custom, your custom-made jeans at the heart of Milan

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Candiani Custom aims to solve the main fashion industry’s problems innovatively. Candiani Custom is the first urban micro-factory to produce custom-made jeans on demand. It is located at the heart of Milan and promotes a more sustainable and responsible consumption in the denim world.

With Candiani Custom, we want to mitigate fashion’s social and environmental impact

When designing Candiani Custom, we identified five primary issues of the fashion industry we would like to mitigate: environmental impact, overproduction, garments’ end-of-life, social responsibility, and transparency and traceability.

We have minimized our carbon footprint

The carbon footprint measures an industry's environmental impact during its production, transportation, and sale stages. Making the production and sale places as close as possible is then necessary. Thanks to Candiani Custom, we have minimized ours since all the items used to manufacture your custom-made pair of jeans are produced within 238 km. Carbon footprint and climate change are directly proportional: your choice to buy a custom-made pair of jeans may hence be more important than you think.

We have reduced overproduction

Due to overproduction, billions of garments are thrown away annually without even being worn. Candiani Custom wants to reduce this issue by producing only on-demand jeans when you need them.

We have in mind your clothing end-of-life

When creating your custom-made jeans, we have in mind your clothing end-of-life. After years of research, we have found for Candiani Custom some items which have a positive environmental impact. They are made of technologically advanced materials, compostable and biodegradable, which do not affect our jeans' duration, appearance, and quality. When their disposal comes, we collect them to turn them into fertilizers to grow those raw materials that will build your future pair of jeans, closing a perfectly circular loop.

We care about social responsibility

Social responsibility means caring about your own employees and all the people involved in the production process. Candiani Custom extends this idea to our suppliers and clients. We want you to be completely satisfied across the entire life cycle of your custom-made jeans, providing you with any change or fixing needed and taking care of their disposal.

We ensure transparency and traceability across our value chain

The lack of transparency and traceability in the fashion industry is the last big problem we identified. The entire Candiani Custom process happens before your eyes in our micro-factory in Milan, from the measurement to finishing of your jeans. You can watch our artisans through a glass that ensures our total transparency. We are also proud of our value chain and its traceability. Therefore, you can choose all the items that will build your pair of jeans, knowing their materials, producers, and production sites.

With Candiani Custom, sustainability goes through a pair of jeans

With Candiani Custom, sustainability goes through a pair of jeans: you design your dream jean, and we produce it in the most sustainable way, using the best innovative and ecological fabrics and the most progressive textile technologies. You are completely involved in every moment of your garment creation and can choose all its details.

The project represents a one-of-a-kind experience in the denim industry. It is in the Candiani Denim Store in piazza Mentana, 3, Milan, and allows you to have direct contact with the quality and sustainability of our fabrics.  

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