Candiani Denim, a family history

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Candiani Denim is a family history. For four generations, the Candiani family has produced its fabrics in the tiny town of Robecchetto con Induno, close to Milan, in Italy. More than 80 years have passed since Luigi Candiani founded his mill, but the company’s spirit has never changed.

Luigi and Primo, from the establishment to the vertical integration of Candiani’s mill in Italy

Luigi Candiani established Candiani Denim’s mill in Robecchetto con Induno, in Italy, in 1938. Its first official name was Tessitura di Robecchetto Candiani, later known worldwide as TRC. Luigi chose to produce only Massaua cotton fabrics to make workwear, then sold directly to different markets in Milan. In that period, TRC manufactured 10,000 meters per year. Luigi had four employees.

Primo Candiani took his father Luigi’s place in control of the mill in the 60s. He started TRC’s transition into the company it still is today. Primo understood the growing denim market’s potential and decided to respond accordingly. Under Primo’s leadership, TRC became vertically integrated and started manufacturing only denim fabrics. Its production increased to 2 million meters yearly, its employees to 50 people.

Gianluigi and Alberto Candiani, tradition and innovation to make premium denim

In the 80s, Gianluigi Candiani, Primo’s son, started driving the family company to the future. To keep the pace of a radically evolving industry, TRC expanded its clientele abroad and pioneered one of the most significant transformations in the denim world. Gianluigi indeed immediately recognized the long-term revolution caused by stretch denim; moreover, he helped shape the concept of premium denim. TRC’s production rose to 10 million meters annually, employees to 250 people.

Now Alberto Candiani, Gianluigi’s son, is Candiani Denim’s leader. His primary goal is to mix tradition with the best sustainable innovations. Alberto wants to make sustainability a standard for the textile and fashion industry, not only a choice of the most virtuous companies. Candiani Denim currently manufactures 20 million meters every year and has 700 employees.

Candiani Denim, for more than 80 years in Robecchetto con Induno

Candiani Denim has always been indissolubly linked to Robecchetto con Induno, its area, and its people, the most crucial asset for the company. Through time, the mill has built a sense of community and belonging that is difficult to replicate. Nine families have already reached their third generation within the company; 62 employees come from families who have been working for Candiani Denim for at least two generations.

Candiani Denim’s history is about tradition, pride for what has been done, and passion for what will be done. These two values are shared by all the people involved in the production process, who are equally responsible for making the mill one of the best denim manufacturers worldwide. But it is also a matter of love for its area because it embodies Candiani Denim’s culture, knowledge, and inspiration since 1938; of respect and care for the environment, to preserve and enhance it; of research and technology to create very high-quality, unique fabrics.

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