We don't have any secrets. We don't have anything to hide, therefore we have no trouble in sharing the origins of our raw materials and our entire denim manufacturing process. We provide our customers with a complete set of information that most of our competitors would hesitate to divulge.


We select only the best suppliers, that share our same values and are committed to sustainability and transparency. We implement a sound traceability procedure: cotton, yarns, fibres, chemical products, including the the way in which we process them, from the moment they reach our factory to when they end up in the hands of our customers, are entirely verified.


We transform cotton bales into quality denim fabric, always keeping in mind the environment in which we live, as well as our people. Our doors are always open, both to customers and verification entities. Our factory is audited about 20 times a year. Our Quality Management System helps us provide products and services that improve customer satrisfaction. Traceability makes all of this possible.


Traceability has an impact on the effective running of our factory and the management of our supply chain: problem-solving, cost monitoring, timely shipping and, above all, the safety of our products. We always want to be as efficient as possible. And the best way to achieve this, is by being constantly aware of the provenance of our raw materials, the way they are treated, processed, classified, shipped... every single detail of their life cycle is important to us.


Full traceability requires a collaborative effort from suppliers, producers and retailers. Being vertically integrated allows us to constantly have a precise overview of multiple steps of the supply chain; this offers us the ability to troubleshoot and deal with production issues immediately as they arise. Retaining the manufacture of our denim entirely in Italy and working with local suppliers are fundamental assets to be responsive to our clients' needs.


Just as we show our commitment to sustainability every day, we expect our suppliers to do the same. We are aware that the planet is asking to act now and we believe that everyone should be part of this journey towards sustainability, especially in a time when industries, such as textile manufacturing, are at the centre of debates around sustainability and climate change.


The world is in constant evolution and so are we. Traceability helps us understand in which direction the planet is going, so as to be ready for any eventuality. Fun fact: the term “traceability” comes from ‘trace’ + ‘ability’ – the ability to trace the path that a certain product follows before it's purchased.


Knowing where you're going – or, even better, where you don't want to go – makes it easier to make decisions. We're doing our best to anticipate needs in order to go in the right direction, creating innovative and environmentally sustainable fabrics and continuing to plan strategies to reduce their impact.


We use data to identify operational shortcomings, support risk management programmes and monitor and improve the impact of our production. We recognise that sustainability is a journey and that the data measuring it can always improve. Nevertheless we are proud to share it with you – just the way it is.

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