1000 MAD, the Politecnico di Milano project to experiment the self-driving car on public roads, participates in 1000 Miglia

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1000 Miglia is the race for historic cars that passes through some of the most beautiful Italian areas, from Brescia to Rome and back, in a week. In 2023, Politecnico di Milano continues experimenting with self-driving cars with the team of the 1000 MAD – 1000 Miglia Autonomous Drive – project, which wore cargo pants made with our fabric while traveling along public roads.

1000 MAD takes part in 1000 Miglia, and Matteo Marzotto is the co-driver

The car, a Maserati MC20 Cielo, designed to travel some stretches of the road with autonomous drive mode, fully complying with the rules of the Highway Code, was presented on June 11th at Villaggio 1000 Miglia in Brescia.

Matteo Marzotto was the co-driver. He also celebrated the 70th anniversary of the victory in the race by his uncle Giannino in 1953.

The car livery was designed by Fashion in Process Research Lab of Politecnico di Milano and features an avatar that materializes artificial intelligence into a physical shape with futuristic lines which embody the speed of data processing and the movement of the racing car.

As explained by Politecnico, this avatar is “a cage made of silver, with precious details, with an organic design that encloses a light and luminous soul, developed through sophisticated research of materials, finishing and technologies. Inside, a heart of light shows the thought in action during the performance: a sophisticated intelligence, a synthesis of technology and design, able to give life to a new driving experience, in which the human being becomes the free protagonist to contemplate and live the experience to the full”.

The 1000 MAD team wore cargo pants made with Candiani Denim’s fabric

The 1000 MAD project combines design, engineering, and management. Teamwear, designed by Fashion in Process Research Lab, perfectly represents this integration, mixing stylistic research with research for materials and production solutions, combining symbolic and technological innovations.

Designers chose the streetwear style to reflect the dynamic attitude of the team, while colors are aligned with those of the car’s livery. The logo of Politecnico di Milano and those of the two major stakeholders, 1000 Miglia and Maserati, embellish the garments. A QR code was also applied to learn the tale of the race and research through the stages of 1000 MAD.

We supported this innovative project by donating our Candiani Denim’s 100% organic cotton fabric used to make the cargo pants the 1000 MAD team wore.

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