Candiani Denim is the first company certified by the regenagri® Chain of Custody program

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regenagri® is an initiative to support farms and organizations in their transition toward regenerative agriculture. It is designed to promote ongoing improvement and provides a solution to measure and report on regenerative progress and monetize environmentally-friendly practices. Candiani Denim was the first company certified by its Chain of Custody program.

regenagri® is an initiative by Control Union

regenagri® is an initiative by Control Union. It offers a standard to improve soil health, preserve biodiversity, rebalance the ecosystem's natural functions, isolate CO2, and enhance the hydrogen, carbon, and nutrient cycles. It has developed some Standard Criteria to measure and monitor how farms adopt regenerative practices and their relative ecological outcomes. regenagri® wants to foster continuous improvement and provide its members with a solution to measure and report their progress.

Control Union is a certifying body focused on sustainability in agriculture. Its offices are located in more than 70 countries worldwide, and its primary activities involve certifications, cargo inspections, and training courses.

How can farms get the regenagri® certification?

The regenagri® Standard Criteria have been developed to monitor an entire farming operation. An algorithm considering farms’ location and operations and soil type has been designed to evaluate and score farms’ data to provide a certification

regenagri® regularly measures farms’ improvement based on different indicators so that they can see regenerative practices’ impact over time:

    • regenerative crop production; sub-categories include:

        ◦ cover crops

        ◦ tillage management

        ◦ crop rotation

        ◦ intercropping

        ◦ agroforestry and perennial cropping

        ◦ afforestation

        ◦ manure and compost application

        ◦ no use of pesticides and chemicals

        ◦ soil sampling

    • biodiversity; sub-categories include:

        ◦ buffers around watercourses

        ◦ conservation of natural habitats

        ◦ community involvement

    • emissions verification, i.e. greenhouse gas emissions

    • other management practices, such as:

        ◦ use of rainwater irrigation for harvesting (and livestock)

        ◦ pollution prevention

        ◦ renewable energy

        ◦ existing certifications

Each farm receives a regenerative score. It is assigned by looking at whether and how regenerative practices are implemented.

The minimum score to be certified by regenagri® is 65%. Farms scored between 65 and 74% must improve by 8% yearly to maintain their certificate. The improvement percentage needed lowers to 3% for farms scored between 75 and 89%. Farms that scored 90+% can finally show a 0% improvement to keep their certificate.

Why has Candiani Denim chosen the regenagri® standard?

Candiani Denim has chosen the regenagri® standard since it focuses on farms’ improvement rather than maintaining a status quo. Moreover, the initiative has set a farmer-friendly standard that meets them where they are and supports the ongoing implementation of regenerative agricultural techniques. According to Candiani Denim, regenagri® has the potential to be a widely adopted standard and a scalable solution to some of the most pressing global challenges.

In November 2021, Candiani Denim became the first company certified by the regenagri® Chain of Custody program. It is preliminary to the regenagri® Content Standard certificate, which declares that a finished product, in Candiani Denim’s case dyed fabrics, has at least 40% regenerative fiber content.

Candiani Denim was assessed against the regenagri® requirements, including traceability, management systems, and materials’ integrity. The certificate confirms that its denim is produced with regenerative cotton certified by regenagri®.

“We believe in a future where regeneratively grown cotton is the industry standard. We are happy to be the first to partner with regenagri® to support this transition and consider them to be the best positioned to advance the widespread adoption and comprehensive verification of regenerative practices”, Alberto Candiani, president of Candiani Denim, said.

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