TENCEL™, fabric in a limited edition with COREVA™

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The new collaboration between Lenzing and Candiani Denim gave birth to the new fabric TENCEL™ Limited Edition x COREVA™, the combination of the most sustainable technologies of the most innovative textile companies in Europe, i.e. TENCEL™ with hemp and the first biodegradable stretch denim.

TENCEL™ Limited Edition x COREVA™ is available at Candiani Denim’s stores

TENCEL™ Limited Edition is a cellulosic fiber made of hemp pulp to promote sustainability in the textile industry. Hemp is well-known to be particularly sustainable and represents an alternative to a number of other materials, but is also famous for its roughness. Lenzing’s technology adds hemp to wood pulp, creating a soft, comfortable, and environmentally responsible fiber.

COREVA™ is the first biodegradable stretch denim in the world. Its technology, engineered and patented by Candiani Denim, replaces synthetic yarns, that are petroleum-based, with a plant-based yarn earned from natural rubber. The organic cotton then wraps around this material. This innovative, biodegradable, and stretch fabric does not compromise the quality, elasticity, and durability of the products.

The newborn fabric is unique in the entire world and available in Milan, at the Coreva Design store in Porta Ticinese 22, which offers its clients an oversized denim shirt for women in a limited series of 50 pieces, individually numbered, and the Microfactory Candiani Custom in piazza Mentana 3, where customers can create their own pair of jeans.

Lenzing with TENCEL™ Limited Edition and Candiani Denim with COREVA™ are sustainability leaders

Lenzing, which produces TENCEL™, and Candiani Denim, which developed COREVA™, are two leading companies in the sustainability area and share the mission of enhancing this feature in the textile and fashion industry. The goal of the two companies is to raise awareness to adopt sustainable practices, from the use of recycled materials and the reduction of carbon emissions to the attention to dispose of products that, if not biodegradable, stay in the environment for centuries.

Sustainability is at the core of Lenzing and Candiani Denim

Sustainability is a core value at Lenzing and Candiani Denim, as explained by Caroline Ledl, head of product management textiles at the Lenzing Group, and Alberto Candiani, president of Candiani Denim.

“As consumers increasingly regard sustainability as important purchase consideration, the textile industry needs to act swiftly to offer solutions. We invented the TENCEL™ Limited Edition initiative in 2021 to explore the use of alternative raw materials, such as hemp or orange pulp, in textile production. We wanted to push the traditional boundaries of fiber production by leveraging natural resources. We value working with like-minded companies, such as Candiani Denim, who have similar environmental goals to ours and we are excited to see what customers think about products made with this new TENCEL™ Limited Edition hemp fiber”, Caroline Ledl said.

“In a world where resources are dwindling and there is an unmanageable excess of clothing to be disposed of it is everyone’s duty to look to sustainable consumption and production, with maximum attention to renewable resources, biodegradable and compostable materials. The world of Denim must be at the forefront of this revolution, and we are excited to be able to collaborate with international companies such as Lenzing and to be able to share our innovation and our values with the rest of the fashion industry”, Alberto Candiani explained.

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