Accademia del Lusso presents STAR+T: sportswear meets high fashion

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Accademia del Lusso, a higher education school in the fashion and luxury industry, closed its academic year with a fashion show focusing on sportswear and using eco-friendly materials. Our denim was among the fabrics used by the students to produce their garments.

“Young generations like to play with different styles”

The event was called STAR+T and took place at the former Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan on May 31st, 2023. Fashion Brand Management students chose the title to symbolize a starting point, such as the starting blocks used in sports competitions, and the luxury sector stars.

Sportswear was the key theme of STAR+T since it represents one of the main trends in the fashion industry and a growing market, which has also contaminated high fashion and influenced some of the most famous designers. Students created sporty but polished outfits without compromising their garments’ usual comfort, making them perfect for daily life.

“The concept behind the fashion show was born by observing what is happening now, when young generations like to play with different styles, removing all the tags”, said Giampiero Mele, Director of Studies at Accademia del Lusso.

Students used eco-friendly materials and leftovers

We collaborated on the fulfillment of the fashion show with Colombo Industrie Tessili, Sketchers, and Polaroid Eyewear.

Students used leftovers and eco-friendly materials to focus on sustainability. As well as our denim, they indeed made their garments with more than 500 meters of deadstock fabrics by Colombo Industrie Tessili, including jacquard, jersey, and technical materials.

Moreover, upcycling, recycling, and transformation were three critical elements designers worked on to bring future trends onto the runway.

Finally, Fashion Styling and Communication students also collaborated in STAR+T. They customized shoes and eyewear. About 120 students overall participated in preparing the fashion show.

Here is a gallery of the stunning outfits produced with our fabrics.

Beatrice Manuelli

Serena Cerullo

Kristina Hudečková

Sofia Fornasiero

Francesco Borando

Carlotta Manconi

Davide Crivellaro

Dunja Aleksic

Francesca Vitale

Marco Piccinini

Lorenzo Pappa

Aurora Ercolani

Benedetta Mattei

Elena Bernardini

Nico Meoli

Chiara Di Toma

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