Alberto Candiani, Candiani Denim commits to sustainable fashion

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Alberto Candiani, Gianluigi’s son, is Candiani Denim’s fourth generation and present. He is committed to nurturing what has been built by his predecessors for over 80 years, combining the mill’s important textile heritage with the newest innovations for sustainable fashion.

Candiani Denim aims to make sustainability in fashion the industry standard

Alberto Candiani is one of the leading figures trying to make production and consumption more conscious. He believes that sustainability in fashion should be the industry standard rather than a characteristic of the most virtuous companies.

Candiani Denim’s sustainability focus is now on developing circular business models with a positive environmental impact and improving traceability and transparency in the industry.

Innovations create sustainable jeans

There are many sustainable innovations patented by Candiani Denim in the last years to create sustainable jeans fabrics, such as Kitotex® and COREVA™.


Kitotex® is based on Chitosan, a biodegradable polymer earned from mushrooms, and allows for saving 30% energy, 50% water, and 70% chemicals and replacing hazardous chemicals and other pollutants in the dyeing and finishing processes. Chitosan is also used to purify the final discharged water, and its antibacterial, antistatic, and anti-mite properties benefit consumers’ health. 

COREVA™ stretch technology 

COREVA™ stretch technology is the first biodegradable and compostable stretch denim worldwide. We use stretch yarn from natural rubber and wrap organic cotton around it to create a plastic-free product without compromising the fabric’s quality, elasticity, and durability. COREVA™ products are perfectly circular: they come from nature, and, at the end of their life, they can fertilize those raw materials which will be used to create new garments.

In 2021, Candiani Denim produced 20 million denim meters which gave birth to 15 million pieces of clothing. COREVA™ currently accounts for 5% of our production. Alberto Candiani aims to make this percentage increase to 50 in 10 years.

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