Algosur and Bowles Farming Company are our regenerative agriculture partners

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Algosur and Bowles Farming Company are our cotton partners certified by regenagri®. regenagri® is an initiative for regenerative agriculture to protect the health of the land and the wealth of those living on it. It is designed for continuous improvement and provides its members with a complete solution for measuring and reporting on their progress.

What is regenagri®?

regenagri® supports those farms and organizations willing to transition to holistic agricultural techniques increasing soil organic matter, safeguarding biodiversity, sequestering CO2, and improving water and energy management.

regenagri® certifies farms and farm groups. The certification has a 3-year validity period based on a continuous improvement approach and can be applied to food and non-food commodities, natural fibers included. Companies within the supply chain can also be certified to claim their products originate from regenerative farmingregenagri® certification guarantees that farms receive the correct pricing for their regenerative products.

Algosur is our Spanish regenerative farming partner

Algosur is our regenerative farming partner located in Lebrija, close to Seville, in Southern Spain; it has several processing plants and logistics centers in the Iberian Peninsula and approximately 30,000 hectares of irrigated agricultural land. It is an agribusiness group aiming to both value existing crops and introduce new crops in the Guadalquivir Valley, bringing benefits to farmers and the environment.

Algosur’s activities include research, production, processing, and marketing of many extensive crops, such as cotton, industrial tomatoes, confectionary sunflower seeds, quinoa, popcorn, and waxy maize.

Algosur’s success is built on three pillars:

Moreover, Algosur significantly focuses on sustainability, providing farmers with dedicated programs to foster sustainable development and address environmental issues. regenagri® has certified Algosur’s arable and top fruits and undyed fibers, including cotton.

Algosur is the only leading company in Europe growing three types of cotton: conventional fiber, long fiber, and extra-long fiber. Their quality is similar to Israeli or Californian cotton. Moreover, the company invested in saw and roller ginning technologies for processing raw cotton and in laboratories with state-of-the-art HVI (High Volume Instrument), which enables it to obtain and offer unique qualities in Europe.

Bowles Farming Company focuses on environmental conservation

Bowles Farming Company is a family-owned farm currently managed by the sixth generation of the Bowles and Lawrence families. It is located near Los Banos, in the Central Valley of California. The priorities of the company are environmental conservation and preservation, in addition to the well-being of its people and their families.

Bowles Farming Company produces annual crops, mainly tomatoes, melons, extra-long-staple (ELS) cotton, and alfalfa. It uses both organic and conventional practices to grow food and fibers with an ethical and environmentally friendly approach. It also manages some key habitat areas to protect the local natural ecosystem and migrating waterfowl.

Bowles Farming Company gives the utmost importance to soil health. It intensely focuses on building organic matter in soils and finding ways to sequester CO2 and, hence, help reduce climate change. Moreover, the farm pays high attention to resource stewardship, for instance, matching the proper irrigation practice to each crop to maximize water efficiency. regenagri® has certified Bowles Farming Company’s cotton.

California offers unique conditions to grow the highest quality cotton. Bowles Farming Company is currently focused on ELS cotton, which is used to manufacture some of the finest garments and sheets worldwide but can produce any type of cotton according to the needs of partners and brands.

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