AMFI’s students experiment with our jeans fabric

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The Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) is the largest fashion institute in the Netherlands, and one of the international universities Candiani Denim collaborates with by providing students with high-quality and sustainable jeans fabric for their samples and experimentation.

AMFI’s Fashion & Denim Minor combines education and business

The denim industry is a complex one. Its value chain is one of the most complicated and multifaceted, and the denim community is particularly committed to finding solutions to the most urgent environmental issues.

AMFI offers a 20-week Fashion & Denim Minor focusing intensely on the world of denim and mixing education with business. The program is addressed to 3rd and 4th-year students from Fashion & Design, Fashion & Branding, and Fashion & Business and Development.

The minor combines knowledge, experimentation, and application. Students research and analyze the fashion industry, fits, and finishing treatments to produce actionable insights and innovate denim starting from fabrics, forms, and functions. Finally, they translate the collection and brand into a commercial outcome.

Students experience the denim industry first-hand

AMFI’s Fashion & Denim Minor has a solid link to mills, laundries, and global denim brands and aims to prepare students for careers in the denim industry. Students learn the complexity of the denim value chain first-hand and are involved in a hands-on project to be presented to a real brand giving the guidelines.

The program follows the go-to-market calendar and has many commercial parameters and inputs, simulating how the industry actually works. Students are divided into groups and given focused individual responsibilities depending on the discipline they have chosen so they can understand the impact and the influence one decision has on another when different specialists collaborate. The minor also includes study trips for market research and onsite work with suppliers and manufacturers.

Here is a gallery of the stunning outfits created by AMFI’s students:

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