Buy less, buy better: the British brand I AND ME promotes slow fashion

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I AND ME is a London-based denim and lifestyle brand founded in 2015 by Jessica Gebhart to promote slow fashion according to the buy less, buy better motto and in response to the throwaway fast fashion culture. I AND ME does not follow seasonal trends and aims to offer its customers gender-neutral garments defined by the quality of their materials and style.

I AND ME wants to build a regenerative model that changes consumer habits

“I founded I AND ME in response to the damaging consumer habits and throwaway fast fashion culture that I was witnessing at my previous role of a denim buyer on the high street. This response was really all about encouraging consumers to buy less and buy better. So, I AND ME works on a slow, regenerative model that prioritizes the planet and the people over and above anything else”, explained Jessica, who decided to give her brand a precise sustainable and circular identity.

Therefore, the highest attention is dedicated to fabrics, and I AND ME chooses biodegradable natural fibers and suppliers using innovative dyeing and finishing technologies that reduce water, chemical, and energy consumption. Every garment is traceable, so customers can learn where their clothes have been made and which sustainable features they have.

Candiani Denim and I AND ME combine textile heritage with contemporary design and sustainable practices

When it comes to mills, manufacturers, and artisans, I AND ME supports textile craftsmanship and traditional methods combined with progressive technologies. “I AND ME is all about a balance of denim, craftsmanship, and its heritage, partnered with modern contemporary design and future innovative technologies driven by sustainable practices. We partner with incredible mills from around the world who are still using antique shuttle looms and real true craftmanship, and this really drives the design process behind our collections”, said Jessica.

Candiani Denim is one of the mills collaborating with I AND ME. “Working with a progressive and innovative mill like Candiani is imperative to I AND ME as a business. As a brand, we look to collaborate with forward-thinking mills with the same end goal of offering low-impact, beautiful denim garments to the world. Candiani’s sustainable credentials and eye for authentic denim details fit perfectly with the I AND ME ethos and aesthetic, and we look forward to finding inspiration from the fabric offering every season”, underlined Jessica.

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