Candiani Custom, a guide to creating your custom jeans

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Thanks to Candiani Custom, you can finally create your dream jeans! Candiani Custom is the first urban micro-factory producing custom jeans and is located in our store in piazza Mentana, 3, Milan. An exclusive experience at the heart of one of the world’s fashion capitals, designed for you and the environment.

How do we make your sustainable jeans?

Candiani Custom provides an immersive experience to make the custom and sustainable jeans you have always wanted. When you enter our store, you are welcomed by our ingredient wall, showcasing all the components you can choose for your garment and where they come from:

Once you have chosen the Candiani Denim fabric, color, wash, and fit you prefer for your new favorite pair of jeans, our tailors take your measurements and decide with you any modifications, supplements, or customizations to your garment. For instance, you can have your initial letters sewn on the pocket or send us a special logo to print on the patch!

Your measurements are put into a software needed to cut denim automatically thanks to FK Group’s (Dalmine, 46 km far from the micro-factory) machinery. The fabric is then sewn with SIP Italy Sewing’s (Verona, 163 km far from the micro-factory) machines and finished with Tonello’s (Sarcedo, 233 km far from the micro-factory) machinery and Nearchimica’s (Legnano, 30 km far from the micro-factory) chemical auxiliaries. Garments are eventually ironed using Rotondi Group’s (Settimo Milanese, 13 km far from the micro-factory) 3D technology.

Why is Candiani Custom supporting sustainability in fashion?

The interest in sustainability in fashion has amazingly grown over the last decades. Overproduction is one of the main problems in the fashion industry and 25 billion new garments are thrown away or burned every year. Candiani Custom wants to be the alternative to this issue, producing only on-demand jeans when they are actually needed.

Candiani Custom has minimized its carbon footprint since all its components, machinery, and ingredients are Made in Italy and manufactured in a range of only 238 km. It guarantees complete transparency and traceability in its entire value chain, and you can see our talented artisans working in our store through the glass. Moreover, we offer the assistance you need through the entire life cycle of your garment, providing you with any necessary repairs and modifications and taking care of its disposal.

Candiani Custom’s jeans’ prices start from 245 euros. We will deliver your garment in two weeks. You can pick it up at our store or have it sent wherever you like.


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