Candiani Denim and the wastewater treatment of Ecologica Naviglio

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Ecologica Naviglio has treated wastewater and liquid industrial waste for 40 years. It was established by local textile and tanning companies, and it is located in Robecchetto con Induno, close to Milan, where Candiani Denim has been headquartered since 1938. Ecologica Naviglio helps firms optimize their production processes, reduce their waste, and improve their treatment.

Ecologica Naviglio, industrial wastewater treatment for companies in Robecchetto con Induno

In its headquarters in Robecchetto con Induno, in Parco del Ticino, Ecologica Naviglio deals with industrial wastewater treatment from a chemical-physical and biological perspective, cleaning it from liquid waste in order to release it into the environment again. It is sent to other specific plants to make it drinkable. To help firms, the company continuously innovates its technologies, infrastructures, and organizational models, adapting them to each specific need.

Moreover, Ecologica Naviglio verifies and controls the wastewater released by its clients into the sewage system and if the standards defined in the signed agreement are respected.

Ecologica Naviglio’s sustainability and certifications

During its daily operations, Ecologica Naviglio is cautious about the environment and sustainability, also complying with some voluntary certifications. The company is certified ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 14001:2015, 45001:2018, and 9001:2015. The first standard certifies those organizations and firms which have an environmental management system that is valuable for their area, activities, and all the interested parties. The second standard guarantees that employees work in a safe and healthy environment. The third standard is relative to quality management, establishing that client's needs must be met and quality preserved or increased over time.

Finally, the sustainability measures undertaken by Ecologica Naviglio include respecting United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, especially:

Candiani Denim’s shareholding in Ecologica Naviglio supporting the future of sustainable fashion

In December 2015, Candiani Denim acquired a majority stake (64%) in Ecologica Naviglio with the desire to have greater control over our wastewater management, support the economic and environmental activities of the treatment plant, and improve the future of sustainable fashion.

Ecologica Naviglio treats the effluents of eleven textile and tanning companies from Robecchetto con Induno, which can benefit from greater environmental control and reduced operating costs.

At Candiani Denim, we pre-treat the wastewater released from our plant in Robecchetto con Induno before they go on to Ecologica Naviglio. Whereas wastewater from our Malvaglio (hamlet of Robecchetto con Induno), with fewer contaminants due to the absence of the finishing and dyeing departments, discharges directly to Ecologica Naviglio.

Since March 2019, a dedicated external sewage system has been directly connected to Ecologica Naviglio to discharge industrial waters from the main Robecchetto con Induno plant. This efficiency measure allows for industrial wastewater to be treated separately from urban sewage and for both to be treated through different dedicated plants.

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