Candiani Denim launches three ecru selvedge fabrics

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Candiani Denim launched three new ecru selvedge fabrics. They are inspired by our textile heritage and produced with organic cotton using upgraded ‘60s shuttle looms, which mean authenticity and quality. Their look is vintage, their color the natural beige of cotton. One of them is part of our PCR (post-consumer recycled) program.

What are shuttle looms?

Shuttle looms are the oldest and most used in textile history before the ‘60s when new progressive textile machinery was introduced. Nowadays, they are rare in the industry since they have been replaced by shuttle-less looms, ensuring higher production.

Shuttle-woven fabrics are made by perpendicular crossed threads. Weft yarns are arranged crosswise, and warp ones are lengthwise. The shuttle is a pointed container, usually made of wood, where the spool of yarn is inserted. It passes from one side of the loom to the other and carries the weft yarn through the warp one. Going back and forth, the shuttle forms finished edges, the selvedge, usually of a different color.

The first drawing of a mechanical weaving loom and a shuttle automatically carried across the warp yarn dates to 1495 and Leonardo da Vinci and is contained in the Codex Atlanticus, page 985. A little over 200 years later, in 1733, John Kay patented his flying shuttle, based on Leonardo’s idea. It is shot by paddle, highly accelerating the weaving process and making the creation of wider fabrics possible compared to those realized by passing the shuttle by hand. Shuttle looms were amply used before the ‘60s when projectile looms were launched.

Candiani Denim’s new ecru selvedge fabrics are made with organic cotton

The three new Candiani Denim’s ecru selvedge fabrics, produced with shuttle looms, are made with organic cotton certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS is the global leader in verifying what is related to sustainable fashion, ethical clothing, and fair production, following well-defined and transparent guidelines. It also approved our new finished products. Moreover, in our microplastics-free dyeing process, we use a vegetal sizing compound that is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and without polyvinyl alcohol.

Our two preshrunk fabrics, 100% organic cotton, differ in the line directions. The left-hand one is generally lighter and softer to the touch.

Candiani Denim’s PCR program gives a second life to post-consumer recycled items

The grand cru fabric is part of our PCR program that focuses on post-consumer recycled items. It is made with 76% organic cotton and 24% cotton obtained from old jeans that come to their end-of-life. These garments, collected by Humana People to People Italia, are shredded back into fibers, mixed with Blue Seed cotton, and spun into yarns again.

Blue Seed is a non-genetically modified seed from which an extra-long and resistant fiber originates. It provides fabrics a higher strength and durability and compensates for the weakness of the old clothing fibers. This seed is also very robust, requiring less water and chemicals to grow. Co-engineered with GOWAN, Blue Seed cotton is sourced from B-Farm in California and Algosur in Andalusia.

Our PCR process complies with the Global Recycled Standard (GRS) certification, guaranteed by ICEA. This institute verifies and certifies products and services according to ethical and environmental standards. It ensures that products contain at least 20% recycled materials, that traceability and environmental and social criteria are respected throughout the production process, and that the use of chemicals is reduced.

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