Candiani Denim sponsor of the Central Saint Martins Menswear Denim Project 2022

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Candiani Denim took part as a sponsor in the Central Saint Martins Menswear Denim Project 2022, which ended with the project presentation on Thursday, June 23rd. Candiani Denim and many other denim industry actors provided the fabrics students could use to create their innovative garments.

Central Saint Martins is committed to building a better future

Central Saint Martins is a famous art and design college in London, where students create ideas, materials, and actions across art, design, and performance to build a better future. Artists and designers are committed to finding creative solutions to climate and biodiversity emergencies and forging a more equitable society.

Thirty students worked with denim fabric

Thirty talented students enrolled in the second year of the Bachelor of Arts Menswear participated in the Central Saint Martins Menswear Denim Project 2022. The project lasted five weeks and focused on craft, innovation, and authenticity applied to denim fabric. The involved students had to create a total denim outfit using fabrics from some of the main industry actors such as Candiani Denim. 

Mohsin Sajid, Sue Barrett, and Miles Johnson were tutors of the project

Three industry experts supported the student participating in the Central Saint Martins Menswear Denim Project 2022: Mohsin Sajid, a fashion designer who, during the last 16 years, has specialized in the denim industry, working as a consultant for some of the primary global manufacturers and brands; Sue Barrett, a creative strategist and consultant with over 20 years of experience in the denim and forecasting industry, who collaborated with some of the most famous brands worldwide; Miles Johnson, consultant specialized in responsible and environmental design with a long experience as a designer for some world-renowned brands such as Levi’s and Patagonia. 

Candiani Denim took part in the project as a sponsor. Four students used our fabrics to manufacture their innovative items.

Jack Lambert

Hamish Small

Han Chang

Joss Rowe

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