Candiani Denim x DENHAM: stretch denim becomes biodegradable

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The Dutch brand DENHAM the Jeanmaker launched its first biodegradable stretch plant-based denim in partnership with Candiani Denim. It is available in the bio-stretch selvedge selection of DENHAM’s collection Life is Movement, a line of premium jeans featuring the latest low-impact denim innovations.

What is Candiani Denim’s COREVA™, new frontier of sustainable denim?

Sustainability is one of DENHAM’s core values, which, thanks to Candiani Denim’s patented, engineered, and plant-based COREVA™ technology, realized an edition of sustainable selvedge jeans. Our new sustainable denim is made of organic cotton wrapped around natural rubber and is free from plastics and microplastics.

We were able to replace synthetic and petroleum-based elastomers with a new sustainable and custom-engineered component, creating an innovative biodegradable stretch denim fabric without affecting the elasticity, recovery, and durability features of our products. 

COREVA™ is the first biodegradable and compostable stretch denim in the world. It marks the beginning of a new era in the textile and fashion industry, characterized by biobased materials and renewable resources. Besides using natural rubber, this technology employs our innovative and eco-friendly dyeing techniques Indigo Juice® and Kitotex®. COREVA™ products disintegrate within six months after being fallen into disuse. 

COREVA™ stretch technology draws our sector closer to a completely circular model in which raw materials are used to produce fabrics to make garments that return to nature at the end of their life thanks to their biodegradability and have a positive impact on the environment since they are compostable.

Sustainability is one of Candiani Denim's pillars

Sustainability is one of the pillars of Candiani Denim. Our mill is inside a natural reserve park, meaning that we have been driven for years towards sustainable processes and practices and a higher standard of production than the global textile and fashion industry, one of the most polluting worldwide.

An estimated 25 billion unworn garments are sent to landfills or incinerated annually. Most of them contain petroleum-based synthetic elastomers, which sometimes need hundreds of years to decompose. Developing COREVA™, Candiani Denim has the aim to reduce this figure. 

“In a world where resources are diminishing, and landfills are overflowing with discarded garments, it is our duty to look for renewable resources, in addition to biodegradable and compostable materials. Denim has to take the lead as the indigo flag of this revolution. We are not doing this because there is a demand, but because it is the right thing to do”, the President of Candiani Denim Alberto Candiani said. He got the inspiration to produce a new natural rubber yarn in 2015 while looking for salami cold cuts in his local delicatessen in Milan. 

We needed four years to develop our patented COREVA™ technology. The performances of the products created with this new fabric are not undermined: COREVA™’s durability and longevity equal those of the most traditional stretch fabrics.

Candiani Denim x DENHAM YORK and RAZOR are available at DENHAM’s store

DENHAM, a longtime partner of Candiani Denim, was the first brand to use our new technology. The first limited edition of DENHAM’s bio-stretch selvedge jeans is part of the Life and movement collection and built by individually numbered garments in its signature YORK and RAZOR styles for men. These products were launched in November 2019 and made available to consumers online and at DENHAM’s stores.

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