Candiani Denim’s fabrics walk the catwalk of the school of fashion and design Raffles Milano

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Every year, Raffles Milano finishes the three-year course in Fashion Design and the one-year master in Fashion & Business with a show that has come to its fourth edition and makes the students’ works walk the catwalk. Candiani Denim’s fabrics were among those chosen by the fashion and design school to express the creativity of these young designers.

Raffles Milano’s fashion show celebrates new designers

Raffles Milano’s fashion show combines two very different performances, which prove how creatively rich its classes and workshops are and how its design professionals are able to pass down their technical, cultural, and human experience to new generations, which will be part of transforming the planet in an aware and knowledgeable way.

The Fashion Design course opened the Milan Fashion Week with Minimal Couture

In September 2023, the three-year course in Fashion Design staged Minimal Couture, which opened the Milan Fashion Week. This performance was born from analyzing the leading haute couture brands that allowed the students to develop their own version of a high fashion show.

The Spanish designer Cristóbal Balenciaga inspired the final collection, and professors asked designers to give their garments a strong and meticulous style to preserve the aesthetic essentiality of the project, defined, hence, minimal. Thanks to the absence of decoration and the use of a palette of colors-non colors such as white, black, and various metallic shades, materials and volumes were the show’s protagonists.

The Fashion & Business master made utopic worlds come to life with Dreaming Bold

In contrast, the students of the one-year master in Fashion & Business were asked to dream freely and to imagine utopic worlds where creativity comes to life in the show Dreaming Bold. Their challenge was to create artwork to wear in a continuously evolving society.

The eleven Dreaming Bold creations were made with garments and fabrics from the archives of Candiani Denim and other companies that care about the planet (Fulgar, Thermore, Gruppo Colombo, Lampa, Lampo, Manteco, Goretex e Humana Vintage) and walked the catwalk of the Sala Napoleonica at Palazzo Serbelloni.

This master wants to train a new professional figure considering all three elements of a sustainable business: people, planet, and profit. Dialogue, research of new solutions, and trust between professors and students are the basis of the journey of individual and collective growth, which prepares the latter to face the recent times as a natural evolution of our world.

“Establishing connections with companies investing in sustainable innovation is one of the master’s goals”

Establishing connections with companies investing in sustainable innovation is one of the master’s goals. The journey is to train aware professional figures who live in the present and shape the future dynamically. The use of different Candiani products made the students experiment with various functionalities and, hence, be stimulated in an unfamiliar way. The project was very ambitious and allowed everyone to make an artwork that will pass the valuable proof of time”, said Tiziano Guardini, Director of the master in Fashion & Design.

Here is a gallery of the extraordinary work of Raffles Milano's Fashion & Business students (Photo Daniele Notaro – Raffles Milano):

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