Candiani Denim’s PCR fabrics come from recycled jeans

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Recycled jeans are the key elements of the Candiani Denim PCR (post-consumer recycled) program. PCR fabrics aim to reduce the waste management problem in the fashion industry, giving dismissed and used garments a new life thanks to post-consumer recycling. The program was born through a partnership with Humana People to People Italia and Filatura Astro.

Denim clothes production will increase

In 2019, about 4 billion denim clothes were sold worldwide, and this figure is expected to increase. We are producing and consuming too much and doing that in archaic and harmful ways that affect our planet. Due to production outpacing the real demand, landfill capacity will become a significant issue. Circular business models will be necessary, and full transparency will become the new gauge to evaluate performances.

Candiani Denim has been in the industry for more than 80 years and has lived through the many ages of denim, born as workwear and then become a beloved fabric worldwide. We believe that nowadays, denim should still be rugged and robust but also high-quality, comfortable, and adaptable for everyday wear. But we especially believe that denim should have a minimal or neutral, if not positive, impact on the environment and the people living in it. Thanks to the Candiani Denim PCR program, old jeans are transformed into new jeans.

We combine organic and regenerative with recycled cotton

In our PRC fabrics, we combine organic or regenerative Blue Seed cotton and recycled cotton, usually weaker, to create a fabric with the appearance and performance of premium denim. Blue Seed cotton has an above-average quality and strengthens the fibers of old jeans. This is why our PCR fabrics contain a high amount of post-consumer recycled cotton, about 21-26%.

Candiani Denim partners with Humana People to People Italia and Filatura Astro

The PCR program was born from Candiani Denim’s partnership with Humana People to People Italia and Filatura Astro.

Humana People to People Italia is an organization founded in 1998 based on solidarity and sustainability. Thanks to around 5,000 collection containers in 1,200 Italian municipalities, Humana Italia recovers dismissed clothes, giving them a second life through reuse and recycling. In the PCR program, Humana Italia is responsible for collecting, pre-processing, and preparing garments, for instance, removing buttons, zippers, and patches.

Filatura Astro has manufactured regenerated yarns from pre-dyed cotton and wood scraps for over 60 years. Its operations reduce the environmental impact of production processes, recycling and reusing waste, and saving on water, energy, and chemicals. In the PCR program, Filatura Astro is responsible for shredding and spinning the pre-processed garments from Humana Italia into yarns.

The entire value chain of the PCR program, from garments collection to finishing the fabrics, is located within 60 km, and then has a low carbon footprint, and is fully traceable.

Find out more about Humana People to People Italia here.

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