Cruna presents its first collection with COREVA™ stretch technology

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Cruna launched its first eco-sustainable and compostable stretch denim collection at Pitti Uomo in January 2024. The Venetian brand used our COREVA™ fabrics to produce elevated and contemporary garments according to its traditional style, representing a fully Italian supply.

About Cruna

Cruna is a 10-year-old brand from Vicenza founded by Alessandro Fasolo e Tommaso Pinotti and has among its central values Made in Italy and a short supply chain. That is why Cruna collaborates with numerous historical local workshops, which personify the manufacturing tradition of the area. Moreover, the brand focuses on using only refined materials and researching innovative designs that simultaneously value the most classic standards of Italian culture. Two years ago, Cruna launched its first women’s collection.

What is our patented COREVA™ stretch technology?

We collaborated with Cruna to launch its collection made with our patented technology, COREVA™, to produce the world’s first biodegradable and compostable stretch denim. The conventional petrol-based synthetic stretch yarns are replaced with natural rubber, making stretch denim plastic-free.

Hence, the fabric enters a perfectly circular model in which elasticity, durability, and quality are not compromised. Raw materials become denim and return to nature at the end of their useful life thanks to their compostability, positively impacting the planet.

Cruna’s Italian denim is elevated, contemporary, and cosmopolitan

In its new collections, Cruna reinterpreted our COREVA™ fabric according to its personal style and ideal of aesthetics, resulting in every day but elevated, contemporary, and cosmopolitan clothing; the brand’s garments blend the casual and informal character of denim with Italian manufacturing tradition and the innovation of our fabric.

Cruna proves, hence, that it is willing to follow its path to protect the manufacturing history of our country and, at the same time, to value its ability to look forward and innovate.

“Cruna is a project that builds its main values on ethics. Protecting and valuing the Italian workforce, the importance of a short supply in both production and the materials used, and the prestigious collaborations with companies from our country that, over time, have made complete sense of the Made in Italy concept are examples of the brand’s founding pillars. In this perspective, our partnership with Candiani Denim, expressed by a collection developed with COREVA™, the world’s most innovative fabric in the stretch denim industry, is to us both a demonstration of them and a new goal, deeply consistent with the evolution and high-quality process we have authentically been facing forever. We are sure our clients, and Candiani Denim, too, will evaluate with great interest the high and original refined results we got to”, said Cruna’s co-founder Alessandro Fasolo.

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