Decarbonization and sustainability in fashion, what is going on in the denim industry?

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Manufactured is a podcast about sustainability in fashion. Alberto Candiani, President of Candiani Denim, joined the episode Transformers Foundation: decarbonization – perspectives from the denim supply chain, bringing together different stakeholders: brand (Boyish Jeans, represented by its Creative Director Jordan Nordarse), mill (Candiani Denim), and farm (Sourcery, represented by its Managing Director Crispin Argento). Kim van der Weerd was the moderator.

Manufactured talks about carbon emissions and global warming

Manufactured aims to understand how our garments are actually made, inviting industry experts to explain what is credible and what is not. The episode Transformers Foundation: decarbonization – perspectives from the denim supply chain is about what everyone can do to reduce carbon emissions in the fashion industry to help stop global warming and what limits exist when it comes to decreasing its impact on the planet.

What is the Transformers Foundation?

The Transformers Foundation is the unified voice representing the denim industry and its idea for a positive change. Decarbonization may indeed be achieved only with a collective effort, meaning everyone should play their part and collaborate to meet the challenge. One future goal is also to guarantee consumers more transparency and traceability, providing them with a platform sharing the carbon emissions provoked by making a specific garment.

The textile industry has a high energy consumption

Many people may still not know it, but the textile industry is a huge energy consumer, especially in the spinning and weaving departments. It is then essential for companies to find more efficient production methods, which, from a sustainable perspective, translates into lower energy consumption and alternative ways to generate energy.

Some similar efforts involve raw material sourcing. Regenerative agriculture is becoming pretty popular now and aims to maximize efficiency while protecting biodiversity. In the denim industry, regenerative agricultural practices can be applied to cotton growing.

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