DENHAM bets on Made in Italy jeans and Candiani Denim’s fabric

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DENHAM the Jeanmaker launched a Made in Italy jeans collection, strengthening its Italian supply chain and working with the best artisans and ingredients, Candiani Denim’s fabric included, to create authentic garments at their finest. The result is a luxury denim product line that is second to none. Candiani Denim, DENHAM’s leading partner for over a decade, opened the door of its mill to the Dutch brand.

DENHAM’s jeans made in Italy are manufactured with premium denim

The founder Jason Denham is a “huge fan of Italy”, as he says in the video above. His brand has sourced Italian denim and has worked with Italian laundries since it was born in 2008. The Made in Italy collection goes one step further, employing sewing and finishing processes in our country.

DENHAM’s Made in Italy collection, manufactured with premium denim, wants to tell a story of skills and talent developed through generations and based on the Italian unique textile heritage. DENHAM and its Italian suppliers believe that tradition, family, and handcrafts are essential values and aim to enhance them through their high-quality products.

“I think Italians know how to produce many things better than anybody, and jeans are no exception. In every process of making the garment, the quality is second to none. Every time I revisit Italy, I fall in love with the country again. I am reminded of how good the Italian expertise is. Italy is always creating new ideas, new inventions, and, more than that, fantastic new products”, Denham told us.

DENHAM wants to improve its sustainability rate

Using a short value chain was also a choice to increase DENHAM's sustainability rate and reduce its carbon footprint. Since its birth, DENHAM has adopted a responsible approach respecting the workers, the environment, and the entire industry. It is now working on circularity with some simple words in mind: be better every day.

Candiani Denim is DENHAM’s partner for jeans fabric

Candiani Denim has been DENHAM’s leading partner for jeans fabric for over a decade. We share a passion for sustainability, innovation, creativity, and quality with the Dutch brand.

On the occasion of the launch of the Made in Italy collection, we led Jason Denham and his team through a special Candiani Denim journey and showed them how our fabrics are manufactured, from start to finish. They had the opportunity to see first-hand the attention we give to all our production steps, celebrating the Italian culture of luxury, quality, and beauty since, as DENHAM’s tagline states, The Truth is in the Details.

“I have always had a very special relationship with the Candiani weaving mill. When you enter this mill, you immediately get a sense of the family’s love, passion, and dedication to its craft. This mill goes back four generations; it is loaded with experience, tradition, and soul. The thing about this mill is that you really feel the influence of great family heads past, present, and future”.

In its Made in Italy collection, DENHAM used Candiani Denim’s premium stretch selvedge denim, proudly made, washed, and stitched in our country. Its garments debuted in spring 2022 on the Dutch brand’s website.

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