Denim trends from the fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion weeks

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Denim will still be a protagonist during the next seasons. Large volumes, vintage aesthetics, and simple and gender-fluid styling walked down the runway in the spring-summer 2023 collections, revisiting some of the most beloved ’90s and ’00s denim trends, and were replicated in the fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion weeks.

'90s trends got back

Once again, denim demonstrated how versatile it is and how it can be used in a large variety of outfits and stylings, from the most elegant (Zimmerman) to the most casual (Diesel). Designers were mainly inspired by the ‘90s and ‘00s trends, which they revamped in a fresher and often genderless way. Here are five denim trends that emerged from the fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion weeks.

Relaxed jeans and maxi denim skirts were inspired by the ‘90s

Large fits conquered the main catwalks with relaxed jeans and maxi denim skirts. While Gucci opted for the timeless style of slouchy ‘90s jeans matched with oversized blazers and shirts, Alaïa’s balloon jeans gave an innovative touch to minimalist looks. Comfort will still be a buzzword with cargo jeans (Elisabetta Franchi).

Long ‘90s denim skirts dipping to ankles were used for extra comfort (Coach), upcycled from old jeans ((Di)vision), and paired with a corset or tight top (TG Botanical).

Brands used vintage washes and green tints

The denim garments’ aesthetics were characterized by high contrast (Ganni), graphic finishes (Wood Wood), colorful appliques (Nahmias, (Di)vision), and overdyes (Heron Preston). Wide-leg jeans were treated with vintage washes (Etro).

While indigo, sometimes in very bright shades, was prominent overall, jeans washed with green tints were largely present in some collections (TG Botanical, Stella McCartney, Blumarine).

Bottega Veneta astonished with its leather jeans

Bottega Veneta once again went for those basic, essential, but luxurious looks desired by its longstanding customers by supplying its already iconic relaxed, leather jeans worn by Kate Moss during the September 2022 fashion show. They were matched with a simple, white tank top.

Denim jackets and blazers recreated the Canadian tuxedo

Denim tops were paired with jeans and denim skirts to recreate the Canadian tuxedo, which had already returned to the runways in the spring-summer 2023 collections (Sergio Hudson, Veronica Beard). After decades of going in and out of style, denim-on-denim has gone beyond classic trucker jackets and 5-pocket jeans, and designers are finding more creative applications and finishes.

Denim jackets were cropped and lined with cozy fur (Coach, Alexander Wang). Denim hoods (Ahluwalia, Private Policy) entered London and New York scenes. Denim corsets were layered over denim jackets (Act N°1).

The era of ripped jeans is not over

Ripped jeans, straight, flare, or wide-leg, offered a casual bottom for heavier tops (Coach, Vaquera). Diesel brought the ripped and distressed effect to the next level, supplying denim garments that looked about to fall apart.

Street style inspires denim trends

Street style has become an essential element of every fashion week and can inspire the latest trends as catwalks do. Denim is a timeless street-style classic that can match almost any taste.

The street style of the fall-winter 2023-2024 fashion weeks set off that wide-leg and cargo jeans will still be the biggest denim trend. These garments crowded the streets of the world’s fashion capitals, matched with high heels, oversized blazers, leather jackets, and cropped tops.

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