GRAPHITO, our latest innovative denim is graphene-based

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GRAPHITO is the state-of-the-art denim we launched in partnership with Directa Plus that combines the unique technical performances of G+® Graphene Plus and Kitotex®. Both technologies have been patented and set GRAPHITO apart from all the other fabrics in the industry.

What is graphene?

Graphene was first isolated in 2004 by Professor Andre Geim and Professor Konstantin Novoselov at the University of Manchester. It is a monolayer of carbon atoms organized in a honeycomb structure.

Graphene is called the wonder material since it is known as the lightest, strongest, and best heat and electricity conductor material. Adding to other materials enhances their properties or gives them new characteristics.

Directa Plus’ G+® Graphene Plus

Directa Plus’ G+® Graphene Plus is the purest form of graphene. Every gram of graphite is transformed into a gram of G+® through a waste-free process that uses no chemicals or solvents. Therefore, G+® is certified as safe, skin-friendly, non-toxic, and non-cytotoxic.

G+® is a patented material made in Italy and produced only 50 km far from our mill. In the textile industry, it provides fabrics with thermal comfort and antistatic and bacteriostatic effects.

Directa Plus

Directa Plus was founded in 2005 by Giulio Cesareo and is one of the largest worldwide producers and suppliers of graphene-based products for consumer and industrial markets. Our partnership was born from our like-minded approach to trailblazing research and development and environmental care. Directa Plus’ production facility is located in Lomazzo, close to Como, and the proximity between our two companies contains GRAPHITO’s carbon footprint.

How often should we wash our jeans?

Do we really need to wash our jeans every second or third time we have worn them? Not if they are made with GRAPHITO. G+® enhances antiviral and antibacterial shield activities protecting your garment and allowing you to wear it many more times than conventional jeans before washing it.

GRAPHITO has been tested for antibacterial activity against Klebsiella pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus according to ISO 20743:2021. The test results show that, in five days, G+® reduces the bacterial load up to 50% if compared with the reference denim. Moreover, the G+® antimicrobial activity increases over time, meaning you can wear your jeans more than five times before washing.

Wearing jeans at least ten times before washing them (no worries, they will not get smelly thanks to the odor-neutralizing action of G+®) decreases the water, energy, and CO2 used by 75%, according to the Levi Strauss & Co Life Cycle Assessment 2015.

GRAPHITO makes four seasons of jeans

GRAPHITO also guarantees thermal comfort. It is a cross-seasonal fabric and an all-year-round solution that can offer an equally comfortable feeling during the hot and cold months. Tests on five testers of different ages, weights, and body mass index in a climatic chamber show that jeans impregnated with G+® measured lower skin temperature and a higher external surface temperature, indicating better heat dissipation and better thermal comfort for the user.

We use our sizing technology Kitotex®

Our patented Kitotex® technology is the second main ingredient of GRAPHITO. Kitotex® is a sizing technology applied to the yarns after the dyeing process and based on the application of a smart material, chitosan. This biopolymer replaces the conventionally used synthetic PVA. It also has outstanding binding and film-forming properties, which have a remarkable effect on indigo-dyed yarns improving their color fullness and enhancing the overall aesthetics with a polished look and feel. Finally, Kitotex® reinforces the protective action due to G+®’s bacteriostatic characteristics.

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