Hiut brings jeans manufacturing back to Cardigan

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David and Clare Hieatt founded the Hiut Denim Company in 2011 in Cardigan. Cardigan is a small town of 4,000 people in Wales, and 10% of them had made jeans, 35,000 pairs per week, for 40 years, but in 2002 the jeans factory closed, leaving them unemployed.

The Hiut Denim Company's philosophy is to do one thing well

The Hiut Denim Company was born to bring jeans production back to Cardigan, building on the skills and know-how of traditional, local manufacturers with the aim to make the best garments they can.

Hiut produces about 150 pairs of jeans per week. The company’s motto, which focuses on high quality and craft, is do one thing well. Hiut’s also provides its clients with a free repair service for the entire life of its jeans.

The Meghan Markle jeans effect

Hiut became world-famous when Meghan Markle wore a pair of the brand’s jeans at a public event in Wales in 2018. In a night, the company got the equivalent of three-month orders. Hiut had then to move to a bigger factory.

“Our ethos is to get better each day"

“Our ethos is to get better each day. That is why working with Candiani is a big deal. You see, they are pioneers. They are changing the blue world of denim and making the entire industry more responsible for what we all make, and our impact. The good news for us, they want to work with us. The even better news is they’ve achieved the first regenagri® cotton denim. As Alberto says: ‘We believe in a future where regeneratively grown cotton is the industry standard’. Here’s to that. Candiani continuously challenges the status quo. This is what sets the company apart in the denim business. It is an ingrained aspiration within the company to support the local community and workers”, explained Hiut’s teams.

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