How to wash raw denim? Four tips to follow to keep the authentic jeans’ aesthetics

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How to wash jeans? This is a frequently asked question, especially when it comes to raw denim, the most authentic aesthetic of jeans. Since we are fans of raw denim and its natural beauty, we want to help you take care of your jeans. And no, you don’t necessarily have to put them in your freezer – but it works to kill many bacteria, so it is your choice.

How to wash jeans: by hand and with a drop of mild detergent

As we often repeat, denim is the only fabric that becomes more beautiful as it ages. This is particularly true for raw denim, which comes almost straight from loom to store and is not industrially washed. We know that, at first, this very rigid fabric can be challenging to love, especially now that we are used to stretch, soft denim, but we ensure that it is an investment that will gain value over time.

Natural fades contribute most to the beauty of raw denim since it loses color according to the use and habits of those wearing it. This process is accelerated by domestic washes, which inevitably alter the color of your jeans and make them bleed blue more uniformly. That is why we suggest washing your raw garment as few times as possible and long after purchasing it (wait at least six months). However, when the inevitable moment comes, there are some tips you can follow to preserve the authentic aesthetic of denim.

Hand wash your jeans with cold or lukewarm water

We know it is much easier to put your clothes in the washing machine and let it do all the work, but your raw jeans need a much gentler experience and to be washed by hand, avoiding hot water. So, take a clean basin and follow the next steps!

Use only a drop of mild detergent and let your jeans soak for 45 to 60 minutes

Don’t overuse detergent since too much of it would actually make your jeans dirtier. Submerge them fully in the water, if possible, inside out, to protect the color, and let them soak for a while. Remember that since your jeans were not washed in an industrial laundry, they are supposed to bleed the excess indigo in their first domestic washes. You can also put your jeans in a basin with vinegar and a drop of fabric softener, let them soak for some minutes, and brush them to remove dead skin. It would help if you rinsed your jeans two or even three times with clean water to be sure you get rid of all the dirt and detergent.

Don’t put your jeans in the dryer; let them air-dry

After removing the excess water by rolling your jeans up and pressing them (don’t wring), you can let them dry in different ways, but not with the dryer! The best one is to hang or lay your jeans outside, avoiding direct sunlight, and let the fresh air do its work, but you can also let them drip in the shower or on a towel.

Wear and iron your jeans when they are still damp

Put your jeans back before they are fully dry so they can stretch back as before washing. Remember that, after the first wash, rigid denim could shrink a little. Then, iron your jeans inside out. A good rule is to start from the pocket lining, continue with one leg at a time, and finish with the waistband. For 100% cotton denim, set it to high heat using steam – stretch denim requires a cooler iron setting. You can cover your jeans with a cloth to protect them.

Make your own pair of raw jeans at Candiani Custom!

In our Candiani Custom micro-factory, you can make your own custom pair of raw jeans. Since we are often asked about the best way to wash them, we are launching a short guide with a summary of these tips. However, our clients can always call us to have more precise recommendations and also bring their pair of Candiani Custom raw jeans back to our micro-factory so we can clean them using ozone technology.

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