King Lear wears Candiani's denim

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What does Candiani’s denim have to do with William Shakespeare’s dramas and Michelangelo Pistoletto’s artworks? The play Aspettando Re Lear (i.e., Waiting for King Lear) by Tommaso Mattei, directed and interpreted by Alessandro Preziosi! The production was based on Shakespeare’s dramatic work and was realized with the collaboration of Pistoletto and Cittadellarte.

William Shakespeare’s King Lear, according to Alessandro Preziosi and Michelangelo Pistoletto

Aspettando Re Lear tells the story of the king and his three daughters. The artworks of Michelangelo Pistoletto were used on the stage as scenic materials to describe the relationships between fathers and children, tradition and innovation, human beings and nature. The debut was on July 9th, 2023, at Palco Grande di Villa Floridiana in Naples during the Campania Teatro Festival, and the tour closed on November 26th, 2023, at Teatro del Monaco in Treviso.

The play was produced by PATO and Teatro Stabile del Veneto – Teatro Nazionale. Alessandro Maggi acted as artistic supervisor, and Giacomo Vezzani handled the original music. In addition to Alessandro Preziosi as Lear, the cast included Nando Paone as Gloster, Roberto Manzi as Kent, Federica Fresco with the double role of Cordelia and the Fool, and Valerio Ameli as Edgar.

Pistoletto’s foundation, Cittadellarte, chose Candiani’s COREVA™ stretch technology

Cittadellarte, Pistoletto’s foundation, took care of both arranging the artworks on stage and producing the costumes, designed by the collective Fashion B.E.S.T. and made in a traceable, transparent, and ethical supply chain, distinguished by sustainable processes and materials, under the artistic and creative direction of Olga Pirazzi, Flavia La Rocca, and Tiziano Guardini.

That is why Candiani’s denim went on stage, too! In particular, COREVA™, the first compostable and plastic-free stretch denim worldwide. The garments were dyed using Recycrom™, the technology based on pre- and post-consumer waste, and lasered by Officina39.

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