Kingston University’s students experience the denim industry

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We are proud to have sponsored the Kingston University denim project again in 2023. It involved 70 students put into 16 groups who had to design a full denim collection. Each member made one garment to be assembled in a complete outfit by the entire group. The project lasted 12 weeks, from late January to mid-April.

Students worked together with producers and suppliers within the denim industry

The Kingston University denim project brought together mills, hardware and trim suppliers and manufacturers, and students, who had the opportunity to work first-hand within the denim sector and experience its realities while collaborating as a team of designers and makers to conceive a new denim brand. Groups were randomly chosen.

After extensive research of the denim market, students designed a garment individually and chose the most appropriate fabrics and accessories. Each group came up with a lineup of at least ten outfits and, finally, assembled one or two ensembles selected in discussion with their tutors. The style of the single garments had, therefore, to be cohesive.

Seven stunning garments were made with our denim!

The project aimed to test the students’ practical fashion skills and make all the groups demonstrate creativity, innovation, and commercial awareness. Students had to produce perfectly finished and detailed apparel as intended to be presented in a showroom. The final presentation was on April 6th, and seven students chose to work with our denim.

Enjoy a gallery of the stunning garments created by Kingston University's students with our fabrics. Most looks were also photographed by Nick Clemens (Men’s File magazine) on a cowboy ranch in West Sussex.

Group 3. Corset by Yu Chai Elmer, dress by Xindi Yao Cindy, and jacket by Gréta Bartyk

Group 7. Jacket by Xixian Qian and jacket by Ruofan Xu Rachel

Group 9. Coat by Xinyue Zhang

Group 11. Trousers by Shuya Lin

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