Leggera, lightweight fabric for your summer outfit

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A classic, faded denim shirt would match every summer outfit's expectations, right? And yet, often, denim fabrics are too warm to be worn when the temperatures increase. We have a solution! Leggera is our new lightweight fabric collection allowing you to wear your comfortable denim garments even in the summer heat.

A collection of lightweight denim made with certified cotton

Our new Leggera lightweight denim collection has been designed to keep the authentic aesthetics of traditional, heavier fabrics while giving a fresh sensation to your body. Leggera fabrics are hence perfect for manufacturing jeans, shirts, dresses, and any denim garment you like. They are available in a wide variety of qualities, colors, washes, and finishings, distinguished by a soft hand feel.

Our Leggera collection combines authentic aesthetics and lightweight yarns with the sustainability benefits of regenagri® certified cotton. We have an edge when it comes to regeneratively sourced raw materials since Candiani Denim was the first company certified by the regenagri® Chain of Custody program.

Regenerative agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is seen as the evolution of organic agriculture. Both work with nature and mix the latest scientific research with more traditional practices, but regenerative agriculture focuses on outcomes rather than processes aiming to rebalance natural ecosystems and maximize the overall positive impact. Soil health is particularly crucial in regenerative agriculture and can help address climate change by storing more CO2 underground.

Why regenagri®?

We have chosen the regenagri® Content Standard since it is based on continuous improvement rather than maintaining a status quo. It aims to improve soil organic matter, preserve biodiversity, restore the natural ecosystem function, store more CO2 underground, and enhance the hydrogen, carbon, and nutrient cycles. Moreover, regenagri® takes into consideration the different ecological environments worldwide, making its standard applicable anywhere and more farmer-friendly. Beyond the certification process, it also supports farms and organizations with a complete solution to facilitate the continued adoption of regenerative agricultural practices. 

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