Manifattura Ceccarelli launches a collection of waterproof denim jackets

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Can denim be a waterproof fabric to create warm garments? Manifattura Ceccarelli proved it can! Thanks to the partnership with Candiani Denim and Halley Stevensons, the brand from Romagna made the capsule collection Water-Repellent and Warm Denim, which includes three jackets, presented at Pitti Uomo in January 2024.

Denim Fisherman Jacket

About Manifattura Ceccarelli

Manifattura Ceccarelli is an Italian brand headquartered in Forlì, founded in 1998 by Giuliano Ceccarelli, which means tradition as a lifestyle focused on essence, which becomes sustainable innovation. According to Manifattura Ceccarelli, denim is the perfect summary of this idea.

One of the pillars of the brand is also the relationship with its area and nature. Manifattura Ceccarelli’s products are distinguished for the craftsmanship of Italian production. Moreover, they are inspired by the outdoor sector but revised in a more modern perspective, which matches our age and their daily urban use in our routine.

Are denim jackets warm?

Despite its well-known functionality and resistance features, denim is unsuitable for every moment and weather. However, this limitation did not inhibit Giuliano from searching for an innovative way to use it in his collections.

The project Water-Repellent and Warm Denim was born like that and made possible by collaboration with experienced partners, who are able to finish the fabric without altering its characteristics.

Denim Heavy Shirt

Candiani’s raw denim is combined with pure wool and cotton tartan fabric

Manifattura Ceccarelli chose our raw denim for its new jackets, finished by the Scottish company Halley Stevensons, which has worked with the brand from Forlì for a long time, with processes to make the fabric waterproof while keeping its traditional quality.

The internal parts of Manifattura Ceccarelli’s garments are also made with exclusive materials such as pad in pure wool from sheep raised in Italy, 90% wool fur, and 100% cotton tartan fabric lining.

The fall-winter 2024 capsule collection Water-Repellent and Warm Denim, consisting of Denim Fisherman Parka, Denim Heavy Shirt, and Denim Deck Jacket, will be presented to Italian and international clients.

Denim Deck Jacket

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