Mks Milano Fashion School stages TAILORDUST

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On Thursday, June 27, 2024, at the SIAM and Galleria dei Benefattori spaces located at Via Santa Marta 18 in Milan, Mks Milano Fashion School presented the TAILORDUST event. The event showcased the WORKWEAR COUTURE collection created by students, which included the use of Candiani’s denim, among other materials.

WORKWEAR COUTURE: a collaborative effort by Mks students and Candiani

The WORKWEAR COUTURE collection, a captivating fusion of seemingly disparate elements, is the brainchild of the talented students from Mks Milano Fashion School’s three-year and one-year intensive Fashion Design courses: Alessia Accorinti, Fabiola Brambilla Pisoni, Luca Piracci, Michaela Anca Adriana Pop, Mattia Simonetti, Marika Spigolon, Aurora Zambetti, Sveva Serrantoni, Mirie Taninta Napsika Klont, and Arianna Valisi.

Their creative journey began with a thorough exploration of the archives and vintage publications, where they meticulously studied the traditional forms and volumes of workwear and the denim fabric’s original intended purpose.

To bring their visions to life, the students turned to Candiani’s denim and collaborated closely with the Candiani Custom team. This collaboration extended to the utilization of Candiani’s unsold stock, fostering an upcycling approach that breathed new life into these materials.

The chosen fabrics were primarily rigid and heavyweight, ideal for creating ergonomic silhouettes. However, our compostable stretch denim fabric, COREVA™, was also incorporated into the collection. You can recognize it by the unique crinkles on its surface. Furthermore, these denim fabrics underwent local treatment at Candiani’s micro-factory, situated just a stone’s throw from Mks Milano Fashion School’s headquarters.

Candiani’s commitment to students and universities

Over the years, we have partnered with various universities to share Candiani’s innovation and research not only with brands and industry professionals but also with students and the general public.

We believe that providing proper education is crucial to introduce future professionals in the industry to denim and the unique, intricate production processes involved in making jeans, which differ from those of most other clothing.

We take pride in collaborating with students, as they are the ones who will bring innovation to the industry. This innovation must be accompanied by a deeper understanding of denim, an awareness of its potential applications, and a genuine passion for this fabric.

Here are all the stunning creations (photos by Davide Manzini):

Alessia Accorinti

Fabiola Brambilla Pisoni

Luca Piracci

Michaela Anca Adriana Pop

Mattia Simonetti

Marika Spigolon

Aurora Zambetti

Sveva Serrantoni

Mirie Taninta Napsika Klont

Arianna Valisi

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