Our biodegradable and compostable stretch denim was featured on Unomattina

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Simon Giuliani, Candiani Denim’s Global Marketing Director, participated in Unomattina, the information broadcast hosted by Massimiliano Ossini, which airs on Rai 1, to present COREVA™, the world’s first biodegradable and compostable stretch denim that we patented and represents a solution to some of the most urgent challenges in the denim sector.

1.25 billion jeans are produced every year

The global jeans industry has approximately 70 billion dollars in value and produces around 1.25 billion garments annually; 80% are stretch jeans, and many are never bought or worn. Moreover, in the fashion industry, supply has highly exceeded demand and relies hence on price, reducing its quality.

“We replaced the petrol-based, synthetic yarn with natural rubber”

These issues were a starting point for developing COREVA™. “We need a synthetic weft in the fabric to produce a stretch jean. We replaced this petrol-based material with a natural yarn obtained from natural rubber”, explained Simon Giuliani.

“When a jean reaches its end-of-life, it has to be recycled. A part can be reused and respun to make a new jean, but the other part will always and inevitably be wasted. Our innovation aims to make this waste compatible with agriculture”, added Simon.

How much water is used to produce a pair of jeans? And how can we wash them?

Water consumption is also a problem in our sector. To produce a pair of jeans, 2,565 liters of water are used, while to wash them industrially, from 70 to 200 liters are needed. Furthermore, in Europe, jeans are washed every 2.5 times they are worn, putting them into the washing machine with other clothes. According to Levi Strauss & Co Life Cycle Assessment 2015, this means that, typically, 695 liters of water are used to wash a jean at home during its lifetime.

“Jeans are the only garment that enhances its aesthetic while getting older”, said Simon. Water, vinegar, and a drop of fabric softener are sufficient to wash them. After leaving the jean in the basin, it should be brushed to remove dead skin cells.

Unomattina is available on RaiPlay.

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