Ravensbourne University London: its 2024 denim project involves sustainable mills and Hiut Denim Company

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For its last denim project, Ravensbourne University London partnered with Hiut Denim Company and mills and finishers to make its students develop a new, innovative, and sustainable concept for the Welsh brand. As we had already done during the past years, we also supplied Ravensbourne’s teams with our fabrics. Let’s see what they did.

The Ravensbourne University London students developed a new fashion concept for Hiut Denim Company

The Ravensbourne University London students were split into groups of 4-8 people from the Fashion Design, Buying, and Promotion classes. Their task was to present to Hiut Denim Company a concept standing out from the currently crowded marketplace, considering who the customers are and the brand’s central values. The different teams also had to design the packaging and think about how to raise awareness of their new concept, simulating a realistic development of their work.

The project had to focus on sustainability and circularity to save resources and energy, minimize plastic pollution, and reduce waste. Students had to consider these goals in every aspect of production and delivery and adequately communicate them to the final consumers.

The outcome of Ravensbourne’s project included at least one denim outfit with supporting garments by each group, a marketing plan, and a lookbook. They also had to create a brand identity and ethos related to circularity and sustainability for their concept.

Four teams used Candiani Denim’s recycled and Lyocell fabrics

Four groups used Candiani Denim’s fabrics:


Odyssey is inspired by Teddy Boys & Girls to create meticulously crafted jeans and denim skirts embellished with patchwork. The patchwork recalls the Welsh countryside views, which are echoed in the brand’s logo, too, and symbolize the uniqueness of the journey of every product. Each piece contains the signature of the machinist, following Hiut’s tradition. The motto of Odyssey is Denim reimagined, style reused since its collection is made with 100% cotton recycled denim and fabric scraps to minimize waste and environmental impact. The thread is also made with cotton.


Seren’s garments are gender-neutral and cover many sizes since they have cinching and adjustable fastening to transcend stereotypes. Moreover, the brand offers complete transparency through the production process and enhances the concept of responsible consumption and production to reduce overproduction and waste to prioritize the planet. Seren’s collection is made with 100% cotton recycled denim, removable trims, and recycled thread. The packaging is also fully recycled.

Route 487

Route 487 takes inspiration from one of the places that defined denim as we know it, California, and studied designs to link it with Hiut’s Welsh roots, as shown also by its logo, which combines the flags of California and Wales. The brand aims to extend the lifespan of denim and uses, hence, as much recycled materials as possible. Its collection is made with a combination of our recycled fabrics and second-hand denim. Moreover, Route 487 wants to build durable consumer relationships and promote its products as long-lasting investments.


Iola wants to add a modern and feminine touch to Hiut’s offering with an homage to their workwear roots. The brand is inspired by old farming clothing and starts from its smocking details and relaxed silhouettes to create women’s contemporary and comfortable pieces, meant to transcend trends and be simple to last for generations but also detailed enough to be elevated and fashionable. Iola’s collection includes a jacket, a top, and a pair of flared jeans. It is made with our recycled and cotton-Lyocell fabrics and equipped with wooden buttons, yarn rivets, and adjustable ties.

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