REMAKE RESPONSIBLY is HIGH Everyday Couture’s sustainable denim capsule collection

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HIGH Everyday Couture was founded in 2007 by Claire Campbell to offer beautiful and desirable yet practical and comfortable high-quality garments. In 2023, the brand launched a denim capsule collection called REMAKE RESPONSIBLY using our fabrics, which revises some of the brand’s most iconic products.

HIGH Everyday Couture combines functionality with high-quality

HIGH Everyday Couture combines influences from different sources, such as traditional tailoring, vintage clothing, military uniforms, workwear, and sportswear, to make clever and eclectic garments with innovative designs. The brand starts from traditional craftsmanship with the desire to adapt it to today’s lifestyle and customers’ well-being.

According to HIGH’s philosophy, contemporary apparel should be, hence, high-quality and well-designed, but also functional and fun to wear. Everyday Couture represents, indeed, the process of developing every item by hand, from scratch to its prototype, to manufacture ready-to-wear clothing with haute couture vision.

REMAKE RESPONSIBLY adds sustainability and eco-technology to denim heritage

Denim has always been a key material in HIGH’s collections, which wants to exploit its durability and versatility to revise its appearance continuously. In 2023 fall, HIGH decided to focus on the latest advancements in denim in the field of sustainability and eco-technology. The brand’s new denim capsule collection, REMAKE RESPONSIBLY, debuted on Friday, October 6th, aiming to redefine the role of this fabric in today’s wardrobe.

REMAKE RESPONSIBLY includes nine of HIGH’s signature pieces (three jackets and six jeans) inspired by military clothing, men’s fits, bikers, and denim heritage, entirely made in Italy with Candiani Denim’s stretch fabrics.

Dark indigo and black are the color palette and washes HIGH chose for its denim capsule collection. Jeans are either skinny or tapered fits and equipped with silver and leather hip chains. Jackets are embellished with metallic, silver, and ivory-colored hardware and embroideries, small pockets, and curved or peplum hems.

Here is a gallery of HIGH’s astonishing capsule collection.

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