Repair, a starting point of circular economy and sustainable clothing

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Have you ever thought that the most sustainable clothing is the one you already own? Long-lasting garments reduce the environmental impact of fashion as well as its waste production. Many brands and companies are now adopting some circular economy principles and, hence, offering repair services to extend the life cycle of their products.

Repair in the circular fashion allows waste reduction and reduces new material sourcing

The circular economy, and in turn circular fashion, means that every item is used as many times as possible before passing it on to someone else or recycling it. These two actions allow waste reduction and, even more important, reduce the need for new resources and materials.

Repair services have then a pivotal role in a circular fashion system since they are necessary to make a garment last longer and decrease its carbon footprint.

The circular economy also includes biodegradable and compostable materials which, at the end of their life, can return to nature with a neutral or positive environmental impact.

We repair custom jeans to stop overproduction

Candiani Custom offers its customers a repair service for all our custom jeans (the first is free). One of the aims of our project is to stop overproduction in fashion, and is there anything better than extending the life cycle of existing clothes to do that?

In our stores in Milan, in piazza Mentana, 3, where Candiani Custom is located, and corso di Porta Ticinese, 22, we also provide a repair service for any denim garment of any brand to foster circular fashion and reduce the environmental impact of our industry.

However, we are just one of the companies in the denim industry that care about repairing. For instance, Nudie Jeans offers free repairs for their items in their stores or at their official partners worldwide. DENHAM the Jeanmaker has a repair corner in some of its stores as well. 

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