Sound Dye, our latest innovation for water saving in the dyeing process

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Sound Dye is Candiani Denim’s latest sustainable innovation allowing water saving in the dyeing process and reducing our impact on the planet. It uses ultrasounds to rinse the yarn and spares 2 liters of water for every linear meter of denim compared to more traditional methods. It was introduced in the spring of 2022.

Innovation drives sustainability and reduces the environmental impact

We believe that innovation is a key driver for sustainability. We always try to challenge the status quo by searching for and developing new and measurable solutions to reduce our environmental impact.

Water is one of the most valuable natural resources on Earth, and we must therefore use it in the most intelligent and efficient way possible. Sound Dye is Candiani Denim’s latest innovation aimed exactly at decreasing our water usage.

Sound Dye uses ultrasounds

Sound Dye is an innovative technology based on ultrasounds and employed in the dyeing process to rinse the yarns.

Thanks to Sound Dye, we are able to save up nearly 30% of the total water used to dye. This ultrasound technology creates microbubbles in the water that soon implode, producing violent shock waves that remove the excess of unfixed indigo from the yarns.

We have applied Sound Dye in our entire production since the spring of 2022.

What is the difference in water usage compared to traditional methods?

The difference in water usage is huge. Traditional dyeing processes need approximately 7 liters of water for each linear meter of fabric. Sound Dye requires only 5 liters of water for the same surface, allowing a 28.5% reduction.

Considering an annual production of 20 million linear meters, the total water reduction guaranteed by Sound Dye is then equal to 52,287,000 liters: the equivalent of the drinking water needed in one year to quench the thirst of nearly 72,000 people!

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