Sustainability at Candiani Denim includes training and education

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Sustainability and transparency at Candiani Denim also mean training and education. We think that providing training to staff and educating consumers and, more in general, the new generations are necessary to achieve a collective awareness of the importance of protecting our planet and to share the industry's best practices.

We share our expertise through ongoing collaboration with universities

It all begins with training and education. Therefore, we value our ongoing collaboration with universities and other institutes worldwide to share our expertise and research with professors, students, and partners.

The universities and institutes we collaborate with include:

We collaborate with the universities and institutes listed above in different ways: we provide either single lecturers or annual projects, including a series of lectures, as well as a final review of the work done by the students. We also provide universities and institutes with the fabrics to make the students' ideas become real denim outfits.

We receive students in our manufacturing plants and Candiani Custom micro-factory

Moreover, we regularly receive students visiting our two manufacturing plants in Robecchetto con Induno, close to Milan, and our Candiani Custom micro-factory in Milan. We aim to show them what really is behind the scenes of denim production and increase their awareness of the industry by sharing our values and knowledge. 

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