The eco-fashion journey of Shih Chien University goes through our low-impact denim

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The menswear class of Shih Chien University in Taipei recently presented its exhibit of 5-pocket, selvedge jeans that merge creativity and sustainability and represented the final destination of a journey through eco-fashion. The talented students were guided by Professor Ra Thomson, and, once again, Shih Chien’s emerging designers were provided with our low-impact denim.

Students designed sustainable jeans using our selvedge denim

The students’ exciting immersion in designing sustainable jeans was led by our V-Drake selvedge denim, gently woven on our shuttle looms from the ’60s for an authentic aesthetic and made in a production process free of microplastics. This fabric combines quality, durability, and sustainability to represent the impact and potential responsible sourcing can have on the apparel industry and was crafted by Shih Chien’s designers to create their own 5-pocket garments.

“I believe it is essential to teach students to understand and appreciate fabrics, along with how to cut and sew them, but most importantly to educate them on the environmental impacts of fashion and how can it be reduced”, said Ra Thomson.

The 5-pocket jeans were produced with sustainable materials

The exhibited garments were a combination of both the students’ talent and creativity and their commitment to sustainable practices. Their meticulous designs were inspired by different sources, and students were encouraged to give their personal touch to conventional 5-pocket jeans through colors and details. Candiani Denim’s fabrics were turned into finished garments using other sustainable materials such as recycled polyester thread, repurposed zippers, and discarded leather scraps.

“Everything in fashion has been done before; what excites me about sustainable design is that it brings a real challenge to the table that has long been missing in fashion. There are so many resources that we can repurpose and reuse; it just requires a love and passion for design in order to achieve it in a fashionable way”, explained Ra Thomson.

Here is a gallery of some details of the amazing jeans made by Shih Chien’s students.

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