Tonello makes Candiani Custom’s garment finishing sustainable

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Since 1981, Tonello has manufactured machinery and technologies for garment finishing. Tonello's products are conceived, designed, and made in Italy, and today the company is the reference point for sustainability in its industry. Tonello supplied Candiani Custom with its laser and all-in-one machine to wash in the most responsible way possible.

Tonello’s Laundry (R)evolution represents the laundry of the future

At Candiani Custom, we adopted Tonello’s Laundry (R)evolution vision, which conceives simplification, digitalization, and automation of production flows and processes as the basis for the present and future laundry. The machinery and technologies we use in our micro-factory, i.e., THE Laser, the All-in-One System, and the Metro software, guarantee the best flexibility, a wide range of aesthetics, and the lowest consumption in the industry.

The laser technology to customize denim

THE Laser is a technology to replace manual abrasion processes ensuring flexibility, accuracy, and speed. At Candiani Custom, we use the smallest machine in the range, THE Laser Lab, designed for tiny spaces such as boutiques, stores, and labs. This laser allows for real-time customization of denim garments and other types of clothing and makes the process easier, also reproducing the most complex details in a very short time and a few steps.

The all-in-one washing machine using ozone

The All-in-One System combines four integrated sustainable technologies in one machine and performs all the operations of a washing machine:

The software to measure environmental sustainability

The Metro software traces and measures all laundry consumptions (water, energy, and steam) to create an environmental passport and manages and automatically analyzes all Tonello’s machinery. Thanks to Metro, it is possible to know the consumption of machines, garments, and processes and to improve their performance and productivity. That means the best transparency and respect for the strictest environmental sustainability standards.

We reduced the carbon footprint of our laundry

Thanks to Tonello’s technologies, we drastically reduced the consumption of all the washes we supply in our Candiani Custom micro-factory (light, medium, and dark) and hence the carbon footprint of our laundry. A responsible light wash requires 14.99 l of water and 0.32 kW/h of energy, 82.7% and 41.8% less than a traditional light wash. Its carbon footprint is equal to 0.17 kg of CO2, 54.1% less than a traditionally light-washed garment. A responsible medium wash requires 16.6 l of water and 0.25 kW/h of energy, 79.8% and 35.9% less than a traditional medium wash. Its carbon footprint is equal to 0.15 kg of CO2, 54.5% less than a traditionally medium-washed garment. A responsible dark wash requires 11.25 l of water and 0.26 kW/h of energy, 85.6% and 16.1% less than a traditional dark wash. Its carbon footprint is equal to 0.14 kg of CO2, 50% less than a traditionally dark-washed garment. 

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