Triarchy’s stretch denim is the first to go plastic-free in North America

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Triarchy’s stretch denim goes plastic-free! The brand founded by Adam, Ania, and Mark Taubenfligel is the only one using our patented COREVA™ stretch technology in North America through 2024. In September 2023, they launched a new campaign presenting COREVA™ as the real alternative to fossil fuels-based, synthetic stretch yarns in the denim industry.

COREVA™ is the world’s first, world’s only plastic-free stretch denim

World’s first, world’s only plastic-free stretch denim states Triarchy’s campaign. COREVA™ is, indeed, the first biodegradable and compostable stretch denim worldwide. We developed it since about 80% of jeans nowadays contain stretch yarns, which are conventionally made with fossil fuels and, hence, need hundreds of years to decompose. Moreover, they release toxic substances into the environment when they are discarded.

COREVA™ replaces traditional synthetic yarns with natural rubber from a tree called Hevea Brasiliensis. This means that the fabric can return to nature at its end of life without harming the environment; quite the opposite, lab tests show that COREVA™ can be used as fertilizer to grow new plants in a perfectly circular fashion model.

Moreover, COREVA™ denim is made to last over the years. Its characteristics do not change over time, and garments will keep the beauty, elasticity, and softness expected from high-quality jeans.

“We have a shared goal to build a responsible denim future”

Triarchy had stopped using stretch fabrics after finding out what is behind their production, and it reintroduced them only when our COREVA™ technology was born. We are honored that such a truthful brand has chosen to work with us and release its new collection made with COREVA™ stretch denim during the New York Fashion Week.

“We have been conditioned to expect stretch in our jeans, and to date, this has always meant plastic and everything that goes along with it. However, our dependence on plastics has gotten out of hand. As a denim brand that refused to use plastic-based materials, the innovation of COREVA™ is what gave us our stretch back. Candiani’s values align directly with Triarchy’s, and our shared goal to build a responsible denim future is what makes our relationship so strong. We are proud to be the first and only brand in North America to offer plastic-free stretch jeans as the only stretch option”, said Adam Taubenfligel.


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