What makes our custom jeans unique?

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Our artisans are the real value of the Candiani Custom project. Candiani Custom is the first urban micro-factory to produce custom jeans and is located in piazza Mentana, 3, Milan. In our new sustainability report, Michela Di Dio Muscia, Candiani Custom Pattern Maker & Tailor, explained what makes this project unique.

It is not only about garment construction; it is about bringing the soul of tailor-made jeans to life

“I cut and sew tailor-made jeans. I work directly with the customer to understand what they want and then set the whole production process in motion. I follow the entire process, from the initial measurements to making and cutting the pattern to the actual garment construction. But my real job is to bring the soul of this unique piece to life, translating exactly how the customer envisioned it. Denim is really different from any other type of fabric. It is unpredictable, which was challenging to deal with at the beginning. Still, this unpredictability is also what gives denim all its character and makes it so beautiful and fun to work with. I fell in love with working with denim and everything that Candiani Custom represents”, said Michela.

We personally know every supplier making Candiani Custom’s Made in Italy jeans possible

What makes Candiani Custom’s Made in Italy jeans unique? The net of suppliers that made the project possible. “We are lucky enough to know every supplier personally. All the materials we work with and the equipment we use were selected especially for this space. This familiarity means we understand what we are talking about, that we get to more intimately know the entire production process and understand, in a different way, all the pros and cons of the raw materials we use”, told Michela.

The second feature that really makes Candiani Custom special is the direct knowledge of all the customers. “I especially value the concept of realizing something based on actual demand. It’s something that you put your heart and soul into for a customer you’ve met and talked to face-to-face. In the fashion industry, the opportunity to have that type of exchange with the person who will wear the garment you made is so rare. It adds a whole new dimension to this work that’s incomparable. It is gratifying to create something from an idea all the way through until it becomes a reality. It’s even better when you get to meet the person you are making that thing for and essentially create something together”, explained Michela.

Finally, the production process of our Candiani Custom jeans is entirely visible through a window to show people how much work there is behind every pair. “Making the behind-the-scenes visible to the end consumer makes them value their jeans even more. I think this is extremely important because, in many ways, jeans today are undervalued. Almost everyone in the world has jeans in their closet, and as a result, we take them for granted in some ways. Candiani Custom shows people why their jeans should be something treated as valuable and something that can actually be loved for years”, concluded Michela. 

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