WHERE HERE: Secoli Fashion Show 2023 focuses on observing and thinking

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On June 8th, 2023, the 40th Secoli Fashion Show took place at Talent Garden in via Calabiana, Milan. This annual event represents the end of the three-year studies of the renowned Milanese fashion school, in which students present the outfits they designed and made. Our denim was used in the collections of the 35 graduating students. Let's see what happened.

The 40th fashion show of Istituto Secoli was supported by Regione Lombardia

Secoli Fashion Show 2023 was organized with the contribution of Regione Lombardia, Comune di Milano, and the leading associations in the fashion industry: ANTIA (the national association of fashion technicians), Camera nazionale della moda, IACDE (International Association of Clothing Designers and Executives), Piattaforma sistema formativo moda, and Sistema moda Italia.

I thank Istituto Secoli, which for almost 90 years has been committed to training fashion experts, one of the main industries in Milan and Lombardy. Approximately 4,000 designers participated in Secoli Fashion Show, an event supported by Regione Lombardia through the Demo announcement. Congrats on the results. The word that is usually associated with fashion is creativity, which surely is a key element in the industry. Still, it must go hand in hand with education, commitment, craftsmanship, tradition, and, today, also with digital technologies. This is what our fashion schools do, thanks to high-quality teachers and students dreaming of seeing their garments on runways and through store windows in via Montenapoleone. They are the first Made in Italy ambassadors since they are responsible for communicating it, letting it be experienced, renewing it, looking at both past and future”, said Barbara Mazzali, council member of Regione Lombardia for Tourism, Territorial Marketing, Fashion, and Events.

“This year, the entire team was excited to prepare Secoli Fashion Show. Our students proved their passion, knowledge, and skills with extraordinary collections; hence, they honored the event, " explained Matteo Secoli, president of Istituto Secoli.

The show was opened by emerging fashion talents among Istituto Secoli’s alums

Secoli Fashion Show 2023 was inspired by the idea of WHERE HERE – What you create depends on what you see. Observing, meditating, and creating are the pivotal actions of a process that makes the way of thinking open, deep, and shared. The gaze leads to a personal and subjective condition and allows one to notice small details that are initially overlooked and change how the things observed are perceived. What is internalized becomes pure creation.

The fashion show was opened by the Designer To Watch collections, made by the alums Margherita Aureli, Anna and Silvia Cristofolini, Gabriele Fabris, and Giovanni Fotia. Since 2018, this project has launched emerging fashion talents selected among the ex-students of Istituto Secoli. 

Here is a gallery of the terrific outfits made by the students with our denim.

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